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This once upon a time foto contains retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup.

This is definitely a difficult one for me as Regina just has so many dazzling and fun moments, however I decided to go and pick out my personal favorites. And I ain't even gonna lie, when I started this articulo it was titled 'My parte superior, arriba 5 Regina Moments'. It goes without saying that I couldn't pick just 5.

10. The other honorable mention goes to her besar Henry and breaking Zelena's curse. Cute. Adorable. Touching. I was waiting for her to break a curse since her redemption arc started.

9. The fight with Zelena. I loved this so much simply because it was just such a badass fight. Like Regina was...
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So the majority of tu on the encuesta voted for me to write an articulo on my opinion of Snow/Mary M this time.

As some of tu know, it's MM I mainly hate not Snow. This is because of things she did in Storybrooke.
Snow isn't like the disney Snow, a damsel in distress. I like how bad-ass she is and that she doesn't need a prince to come and save her. She is also quite selfless, no completely, but quite selfless. When she ate the manzana, apple so that Charming could live was very Valiente of her. She is also loyal to Red which makes me happy since Red/Ruby is my favorite. The way she helped her out...
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