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posted by minaj_fan
Nejixtenten=love part 2

Neji's pov

I lay in my room after I got finished meditating.
Knock knock knock
"Who is it?" I asked as my eyes shot to the door.
"Um...its me," came a soft and low voice.
I knew who it was and I sat up. "Come in."
Hinata came in and looked at Neji. "Uh..I'm going out.....with Ino, Tenten, and....Sa-sakura. Father says tu have to come with me."
"I don't see why I have to accompany you. Its not me who wants to go out and waist my time fooling around with them immature teenagers tu call your friends."
"But...father said-"
I cut her off. "I don't care what my uncle says. I won't...
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once team 7 was getting ready to do a mission then tenten was thinking of neji. so then instead of tying her hair up she let her hair down. her hair was so beautiful that she thought of what will neji think of her. after she was done with her hair she wear a ninja looking dress. she walk outside to meet the team and then everybody started staring at her. then neji dicho "um.. are u new here?" then tenten dicho "no im tenten." then everybody was surprised again. neji almost started to fainted. before they mover on with the mission they start doing some training. neji and tenten was doing fighting...
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Neji and Tenten break the kiss as a hundred preguntas run through Rock Lee's mind

Lee's mind: Why were they besar and why is Neji's camisa, camiseta off, I mean he wouldn't even dare to let us catch him using the toilet. 1) Neji was forced to do it 2) Something happend that needed cloth and knowing him, he dosen't bring much stuff in his pack for light traveling 3) something is going on with him and tenten. "Is something going on between tu two?"

Neji: we...uhh...
Tenten: Neji just needed something to envolver, abrigo around my wound :)
Neji's mind: uhh, i'm glad Tenten cut me off there. I was about to say something...
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This is my first fanfiction so sorry if my drama is bad. Enjoy

One día the hidden leaf village was as peaceful as ever until...

Shizune: Lady Tsunade, team kakashi need backup ASAP

Tsunade: Alright, what are the available teams?

Shizune: Well, team Gai just got back from the hidden sand 10 min ago

Tsunade: Tell Genma to inform Gai right away. I need them moving in 30 min
Neji and Lee are sparring in the woods while TenTen takes a ducha, ducha de at home

Neji: Don't let your guard down Lee

Lee's mind: But i'm not, i'm already trying...
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Part 2!!!!!!!!!
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part 3
posted by minaj_fan
Heeeey u guys!!! I'm really(x100) sorry. I hope tu like it..... ok I kept u guys waiting long enough so here's the story.... comment, become a fan, give props. All that good stuff. ENJOY!!!

Nejixtenten=love part 12

Tenten's pov

Neji and I looked around every inch of the house.
"Neji did tu check the backyard?" I asked.
"No," we both ran to the back door to see the baby and Hinata sitting on the oscilación swinging softly back and forth.
"Hinata!" I busted out the door.
"Shh. He's sleeping," she smiled down here.
"We were looking everywhere for him," I dicho angrily walking over to her.
"I'm sorry if I worried...
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posted by minaj_fan
Neji's Pov

"Hey Neji. What brings tu here?" shikamaru asked bored.
"Nothing in particular," I sat siguiente to him on the couch. "We are suppose to be getting a new worker in tomorrow. Be expecting that," I rolled my eyes slightly.
"Yea? Who?"
"Tenten. Temari gave her a job."
"Oh. What a drag. más girls."
"My thoughts exactly."
"Trouble some women," he shook his head. "Well I think I'm gonna go to bed."
"Alright. Be at work tomorrow. On time," I got up and left.

Tenten's Pov

Today was my first día at work and to say I was excited is an understatement. I was going to be working along side Neji. I don't know...
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posted by minaj_fan
Tenten's Pov

"Ino! Sakura! I'm going to kill you!" I yelled running after the blonde girl.
"Tenten we did it for your own good!" Sakura pleaded.
"Yea," Ino chimed in.
"I didn't need your help! We were doing just fine!" I stopped running and walked in the direction of my house.
"Aw come on Ten. Its not a big deal. If it doesn't work out then just go back to normal," Sakura suggested.
"Yea Tennie. Look at it on the bright side," Ino trailed off.
"There's no bright side," I dicho giving her a death glare.
"Just go in the house. We'll be there in 30 minutes."
"Whatever," I rolled my eyes and ran home. I...
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posted by minaj_fan
Nejixtenten=love part 1

Tenten's pov

"Look we can't waist time. I have to train so I can be the best. And in order to be the best I have to defeat the great neji hyuga," I ranted off to Ino.
"Quit your yappin and hold still," Ino dicho as she plucked my eyebrows.
"You do this every time Ino. I don't have to look good just to go train. I'ma get sweaty and messy anyway."
"Hold still," she demanded as she plucked away.
"Ow," I yelped.
"Got it. All done," she smiled then proceeded to my hair.
"I thought tu dicho tu was done."
"I can't let tu go out in two panda buns," she took them out and brushed...
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