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hola kan any1 tell me if I ever publicado the nejixtenten=love part 10?? I knt seem 2 find it. I'm wondering if I 4got 2 post it but it was when Temari and Shika was sappose 2 b getting married but Tenten went into labor. Let me know.

 minaj_fan posted hace más de un año
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nejiten2 said:
I did see a part 10.

But i don't remeber if Shika and Tema got married. Idk. But hola part 10 was a great story.

I amor it!

Oh...but hey, Write the siguiente one!!!
Give us your master peice!
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posted hace más de un año 
ninjutsu said:
I cant seem to find a part ten. Iv'e been looking for it though even in your page but sitll not there :(
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posted hace más de un año 
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