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I have a pregunta regarding the segundo season.

I am thinking about buying the segundo season on DVD, but the only problem is that it is rated MA. I am not a big fan of MA rating type shows, but if it's something mild and less disturbing, I can watch them. The only thing I need help on is what content does the segundo season have? Is there any hard core violence? Sexual content? Etc? What stuff is in this season to make it an MA rating? I am just looking for respuestas and opinions because I might consider to buy this DVD set once when I go after birthday shopping (my birthday is siguiente Saturday).
 AnimeFan66 posted hace más de un año
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AmuXIkuto1 said:
It is rated MA because of slight nakedness, and battle scenes. The nudedy is rare, so I think youll be ok.
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posted hace más de un año 
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