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posted by TypicalSquint
Chapter 1 – Surprise

Jen’s POV

I stood up from my asiento in the front of MTAC, smoothed out my falda as I slowly turned around to face my ex-husband. I took a deep breath, preparing myself to see him for the first time in 6 years.

Has it really been that long? I thought to myself. It still felt like only yesterday. It still felt so fresh, like it had been only yesterday that I had…that I had left. Would he still be mad? Furious? Betrayed? Hurt? I thought. Would he be pleased to see me, o will he wish me back to Londres on the first available flight?

My stomach was in knots and I felt like...
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Okay, people, last night's episode, called Borderland, just irked me. The devastatingly painful irony played between Abby and Gibbs. In the beginning, before she leaves for Mexico, he tells her how he's got her back forever and always will. Then towards the end, she asks, "What I really need to know, Gibbs, is if you're gonna amor me no matter what." And he doesn't answer. AUGH! The Abby Gibbs relationship has always been there, and if that falls through, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD, PEOPLE!

You need to know that I am extremely, and I mean extremely, OCD. If I get obsessive about something, I...
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This is just an idea i had rolling around inside my head and i just had to write something. Let me know what tu think

“She died alone”
“We are all alone”

JibbsJibbsJibb JibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbsJibbs


She was dead.


There is nothing so final as death.

There is no coming back, no segundo chances, no chance to right the wrongs of your life.
You are then one day, then gone the next. In an instant, your life can be taken away from you. No matter how much tu don’t want it to happen, no matter how hard tu fight to stay alive. Sometimes, tu have no...
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 New band in the works??
New band in the works??
Congrats on winning the September FOTM! Since this is a segundo win for tu I’ll change it up a bit.

Q: How does it feel to be FOTM again?
A: AMAZING! It's great to know that people think of me as the most active, but I really think it's a great effort, so well done guys and girls! :D

Q: tu get a chance to be a character on the show, what is:
* Your character’s name: Ellie (NO IDEA WHY! XD)
* Occupation: Petty Officer.
* Storyline: I know this sounds really bad, but all my friends have been murdered and I'm the only one that's survived, and I'm a family friend of McGee's.

Q: If tu had the power...
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posted by Ich_liebe_NCIS
Please let me know what tu think!!!!!! Don't be afraid to criticize! I can take it!


Chapter One… Endurance

I have always been the most confident, and sure-of-myself person I have ever met o known. And I am ashamed of that. But that is who I am.
I don’t necessarily believe that that is my fault.
For I was raised más harshly than the average kid. My father was a Marine Sargent, and my mother was also a Marine. They always kept me in line, in fact, I don’t think I ever stepped a foot out of line.
And I was used to it. That was my life.
I was academically ahead of everyone I knew,...
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posted by nikki8green6
 Petra would've never killed Kate.
Petra would've never killed Kate.
>Q: How does it feel to be FOTM again?
>A: It feels very good. Thank tu for all who voted for me.
>Q: tu get a chance to be a character on the show, what is:
>* Your character’s name: Petra
>* Occupation: riporter
>* Storyline: a famous marine was killed, the ncis investigate in the case, and I want to write the cause of the death in a newspaper, but Gibbs does'n really like me.
>Q: If tu had the power to pair up 2 of the characters on the show, who would they be & why?
>A: Abby and McGee, because they belong together. :))
>Q: The team forms a band,...
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posted by Ich_liebe_NCIS
Chapter Three…A año of Isolation

The week flew by, and then they were gone. It was not an emotional goodbye; one could call our family cold, and unemotional. But it didn’t really matter, because we all sort of knew that we cared about each other, in our own twisted ways.
I was allowed to stay alone; I was, after all, going to be eighteen in just a month. And sense I was a responsible and smart girl, they thought I could take care of myself.
I was excited. I got the house to myself. I could do what I wanted; I could watch what I wanted for as long as I wanted! I was free of their restraint!...
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posted by jujupllpy
hola guys, last night I was going to cama when I decided to grab my ipod and write a poem... It's about Tiva, but can be used in situations of amor too!

Armer Down

After work we were walking
And a guy passed by
Delivering to tu a rose
Ironically colored red
I just had to speak up so
the words are finally said
But tu answer"haha there's the joke"
I walk inicial alone with
sadness consuming all my soul
And I wonder if tu truly know
That my amor for tu is endless
And that that was just a way out
Because you're actually afraid to say it
Now I have no doubt
that there are some emotions
tu keep trying to hide
Your effort wont last long
Because with my touch
tu wont contain yourself much
But to let me out of all this mess
Just confess
Some of the things I wasnt able to say
Until that very last day
When all of this started
Our names were dicho in the emptyness
With some meaningul words por me
Also called the very first día
of what now I call 'we'
 TIVA Shipper!
TIVA Shipper!
Q: How does it feel to be FOTM again?
A: Well it certainly makes me smile. =] There are many deserving people on here & I feel lucky to have been chosen again. <3

Q: tu get a chance to be a character on the show, what is:
* Your character’s name: Olivia
* Occupation: RN/Doctor & Total Tiva Shipper =]
* Storyline: Perhaps someone tries to kill a marine family, I'm the treating doctor o RN at the hospital and despite security he comes back to kill the family & I'm stuck in the middle b/c I saw him. ncis would come to the rescue & somewhere in there I'd have a serious talk with...
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posted by pinkpixie14
1# - never let suspects stay together
1# - never screw over your partner (bis)
2# - always were gloves at a crime seen
3# - never be unreachable
3# - never believe what tu are told double check
4# - the best way to keep a secret, keep it to your self, segundo best tell one other person if tu must, there is no 3rd best
5# - never east good
6# - never say you're sort, its a sign of weakness
7# - always be specific when tu lie
8# - never take anything for granted
9# - never go anywhere without a knife
10# - never get personal involved in a case
11# - when the job is done walk away
12# - never fecha a...
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posted by JHaze4709
what if there were a 2 part series, ncis and ncis LA, where agents from ncis LA had to deliver a criminal to NCIS' control for court; the agents delivering the female from ncis LA, and her partner (the LA Detective), the female from ncis LA, knows Tony and are old college friends, and the LA Detective has the "hots" for Ziva. Meanwhile Gibbs and Hetty are old time friends as well, and have the 2 part episode end with the seguro delivery of the criminal (through many circumstances), and many visits to MTAC for conference between McGee and the ncis LA computer wizards. The catcher would be this is a 2 part episode, that has both parts shown on the same night
posted by cool55225cool
(Okay not much for a título I know, I know I'm trying to find a better one. lets get on with the story)

Dani Jan Jo was playing out side her house. She was a very pretty little 6 año old girl. She had bright baby blue eyes and midnight black hair. She had her hair in pig-tails. She had pants on to match her eyes and green shirt.

"Dani remember do NOT talk to strangers!" yelled her mom form the pouch

"I know mommy!" Dani said.

Her mom went inside to make lunch. Gust then a man dressed in all black came over and dicho "Hi little girl,"

"Hi," Dani said. Then remembered she should not be talking to...
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posted by cudambercam13
Tony, Gibbs and McGee exited the elevator after a long exhausting case was finished. Another murder and another arrest was normal but this case hit the team hard. The murder victim wasn’t even a teenager and she had some similarities to a picture of Gibbs’ daughter, but everyone thought it was best to not mention it.

“I think I’m going to go inicial and get some rest, Boss,” McGee dicho without making eye contact.”I think we all should… Any of tu seen Ziva?”

Ziva sat this case out to make arrangements for a trip back to Tel-Aviv, but she had dicho she wouldn’t be gone very long....
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 Total Tiva Shipper!
Total Tiva Shipper!
>Q: For starters, Congrats on winning the May 2011 FOTM! What do tu have to say to everyone who voted for you?
>A: Thank you! I'm so honored and surprised!
>Q: So for those of us who aren't that familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself!
>A: My name is Rima. I'm 13 years old and I live in the USA. I like música and sports.
>Q: When and why did tu start watching NCIS?
>A: I started watching in season 5 because my friend dicho it was really good. She lent me her Dvds and I watched the first 4 seasons in less than a week.
>Q: If tu could play one character on...
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 Tiva! Because it's meant to be.
Tiva! Because it's meant to be.
Q: How does it feel to be FOTM again?
A: It feels pretty good. Thank tu all for voting for me again.

Q: tu get a chance to be a character on the show, what is:
* Your character’s name: Simone LePage
* Occupation: Writer
* Storyline: I have a husband who is a Marine and he ends up getting himself into a lot of trouble and goes missing for awhile. McGee is a friend of mine(we met at some kind of writer's get-together back when he was Thom E. Gemcity) and I know that he works for NCIS, so I decide to go to him and ask for help in finding my husband. The team decides to help, during the case all...
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posted by Blue85
USA Network has dado the green light to Prey, a two-hour movie starring Mark Harmon, as the cable network continues to expand its original programming portafolio, cartera de beyond hourlong scripted series.

The film is based on the best-selling Prey series of novels por John Sandford. Harmon will play the central character in the books, Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief Lucas Davenport. The movie is based on the 10th of the 20 novels in the series, Certain Prey, in which escritorio pequeño, davenport goes against a lethal hit woman and a ferociously cunning killer determined to hunt him down. Chris Gerolmo (Citizen X) penned the script for the movie, which is slated to begin production in May. Jaffe-Braunstein Films is producing, with Michael Jaffe, Howard Braunstein and Harmon executive producing. “Mark Harmon could read the phone book and we’d probably want to put it on the air!” USA’s president original programming Jeff Wachtel quipped.

posted by nikki8green6
 AJ Cook should guest star.
AJ Cook should guest star.
Q: For starters, Congrats on winning the December FOTM! What do tu have to say to everyone who voted for you?
A: Thanks to everyone who voted for me… There were a few fans whom I thought should have been FOTM for December so I am truly honored for the votos I received. Thanks!J

Q: So for those of us who aren't that familar with you, tell us a bit about yourself!
A: Well.. I’m a born & raised Georgia Peach, which really just means I’m a southern girl who lives in Georgia. I amor riding caballos even though I haven’t ridden in a while. I am addicted to crime dramas, I have them all...
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 Janie is McAbby shipper
Janie is McAbby shipper
Q: For starters, Congrats on winning the November FOTM! What do tu have to say to everyone who voted for you?
>A: Well, thanks so much, obviously! =) I'm thankful people voted.
>Q: So for those of us who aren't that familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself!
>A: Hm...well, I amor ncis & McAbby but I'm also obsessed with lectura and well I'm not really sure what to say, LOL. I'm a pretty hyper person so just don't get me started on a topic-I might rant for hours about it. ;)
>Q: When and why did tu start watching NCIS?
>A: Well, at about 2007..I know it was sometime...
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I always used to feel Boxed In
I always hid Under Covers
The Skeletons in my closet haunted me
These Truth o Consequences of my life
A Leap of Faith sometimes felt right
Knew I was the Last Man Standing
But then I Recoil-ed
I became lost and Found
por NCIS
It became my Guilty Pleasure
I thought I had an Obsession
But it was más of a new Family
I learned to be Untouchable
Like Ziva David
I learned the act of Child’s Play
From Tony DiNozzo
I learned Rule Fifty-One
From Leroy Jethro Gibbs
I became Driven
por Tim McGee
I learned to be Friend’s and Lover’s
From Miss Abby Sciuto
I thought I was a Broken Arrow
Heading for the Designated Target
Now I’m the Cover Story of my life
And neither Enemies Foreign
Nor Enemies Domestic
Will be my Endgame
 favorito! Characters
Favorite Characters
Q: For starters, Congrats on winning the October FOTM! What do tu have to say to everyone who voted for you?
A: Thank tu all very much. I amor tu all! <3 Ya'll are truly some of the friendliest, most genuine people I've ever met and I appreciate each & every one of you, even if tu didn't vote for me because all the girls on here are very deserving. =]

Q: So for those of us who aren't that familar with you, tell us a bit about yourself!
A: My name is Jenna, 23 years old & though originally born & raised in Delaware-I'm currently living in NJ. What más can I say besides I'm a...
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