naruto SASUKE VS naruto who is enfriador, refrigerador and hotter and better at fighting?

lovevampirelove posted on Apr 27, 2010 at 09:22AM
i made this forum cose i really want to know what people think about them personally i love every character in naruto except for that evil and annoying sasuke he is like cool at fighting but it is really annoying how he is like i want to destroy konoha they destroyed my clan hahahah. he is sooooooooo annoying i hate him and i hate his personality but on the other hand naruto is so cool at fighting he is a good person has a fun personality and is friends with every one i love him so much and i love all the other characters like shikamaru and shino kiba kakashi asuma even though he is dead and much more i love them all

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hace más de un año Espeongirl360 said…
Susuke was hotter in the old series, but naruto is now. both of them are just as good at fighting. naruto is cooler than sasuke now
hace más de un año 367811 said…

Sasuke: ¡¡¡Is Cooler And Hotter!!!