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aprilacne posted on Dec 06, 2010 at 12:51AM
no killing unlees that person is imortal
no controling anyones rpc
have fun and be creative

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hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: *i was lookign around i felt alone and scared and i looked down at my hands that were covered in blood * what did i...*my eyes are open wide my jasheniest necklace shineing in the moonlight i didnt know what the meaning of the necklace was, i just found it one day in the woods but annyway i close my eyes then open them, i stand up and look into the dark woods ahead of me* well, looks like i have to find a new home... again * i start walking into the woods*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*I look around for my big brother, Hidan.I keep walking, clutching my pendant*H-hello?Hidan?*I call out hoping I could fin him*
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: * i bumped into you and i fell down onto my but my eyes glowing red at you* who are you? * i looked at you with a sad yet angered look in my eyes and i stood up looking at your pendent* that looks just like..... * i looked my mign* what dose this symbol represnt?!
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*I look at you with fear and hope in my eyes*The pendant means that you are one of Lord Jashen's followers...And my name is Zombie.*I no longer look at you with fear.I reach into my bag and pull out my brother's headband*Of any chance do you know or heard of Hidan of the akatski?He's my big brother.*I smile at you knowing that we would be vary close friends*
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: ive heard about him, hes dangerous.. hm... and my names thorn its nice to meet you zombie *smiles softly*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:Thorn..I like that name...Well he's only dangerous when people say bad things about our lord or when those Kahona scums kiddnaped me.Damm basterds...
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: hnm, kahona... the leaf village? well.. i know witch places im going to destroy next.. *evily grins and then looks at you*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:Why are you...Don't tell me.You're gonna destroy the leaf village.*I look back at you with the same grin*Mabye I could inform Pien-samma about our little attack.Oh!I almost forgot!I want you to meet them!*I grab you're wrist and start walking back the way I came*Mabye they could give you a home.
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: uh ok * lets you lead me to the akatsuki lair*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:You'd like it there.It's fun when we don't have missions.
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: * cute grin* yayyyyyyyyyy X3
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*I laugh as we reach home.Pain was out with Konan trying to get her calmed down,Diadara was strangaling Tobi like always, Itatchi and Kisame taking Sasori's puppets, and Zutzu was munching on a human arm.How lovely.*I'm home!And I brought a friend home!
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: *they all stared at me akwardly* hai :3 *makes a nervous /cute smile* (can u be pein ill be konan can u be deidara ill be tobi ccan u be itachi ill be kisame um can u be zetzu ill be sasori and ill be hidan if u be kakuzu XD)
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
(OK!I love doing my lil pein~)

Zombie:*lets go and hugs Hidan and Kakuzu like crazy*I missed you guys so much!

Kakuzu:*pats Zombie's head*Hidan wanted to come back and see you.

Zetzu:*stops munching*I overheard that you and you're friend have plans?

Zombie:*hugs Hidan tighter*We want to destroy those basterds that took me away.Lord Jashen wants me to get revenge.

Itachi:*drops a puppet*Hey Hidan, isn't her neckless kinda like you'res?

Pein:*still stairing*Deidara stop choking Tobi.


Pein:Do you want to die!

Deidara:No 0-0
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: hai girlie man hai konan hi weasle hi fishie hey periceing boy hi pupet man hi plant dude hi stiches hi hidan hi lolipop mask, im thorn, the angel of darkness :3
hidan: hi *saids to me and hugs you back*
konan: sweatdrops and snickerss att the nick names*
Sasori: *wacks itachi in the head* CAREFULL WITH MY PUPPETS!
kisame; *eye twiches* fishie?
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Pein:Calm Kisame.


Itachi:*eye twitch*Bite me!

Zombie:Don't worry Tobi!Zombie will save you!*vines come out of the ground*

Deidara:*lets go* *twitching*
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: * i run at deidara and kick him in the face making him fly down onto the floor with a bloody nose* DONT. EVER. HURT.LOLIPOP.MASK! *glares evily*
Tobi; YAY! tobi safe :3
Me: calm down weasle and dont be so rude sasori
sasori: what gives you the right to boss us around?
Me: i will turn you into firewood.
Hidan: hm.. *stareing at my jasheniest necklace*
Me: ^^ *smiles cutely*

hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:Watcha staring at Hidan?*gets comfrotable siting in his lap*

Itatchi:Make me!

Zetsu:I can.

Deidara:OW!I think you broke my nose!

Zombie:*vines come out of the ground agian*In case she didn't*wacks him in the back of the head*


Pein:*laughs*As much as I hate my nickname, that is down right funny!And I didn't even cause it!

Kakuzu:*laughs*Ten bucks he goes nuts and blows up

Zombie:*smiles*sixteen bucks he trys to kill us all.
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
me: * grabs deidaras hair and lifts up kissing his nose * dose itfee better now ubig ass baby?
konan: *sweatdrops*
Me: hey zetzu *pokes him after droping deidar onto the ground*
hidan: oh nothing... *smiles*
Me; i will rip your eyes out itachi!
sasori: *sighs and walks off*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*giggles*Nice one Thorn.




Pein:*holding itachi back*She's not worth it!Kisame mind helping?

hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: * i walk over and poke itachi on the head makeing him fall asleep* night night weasle! *smiles cutely*
konan: hmm...
Sasori: what deidara?!
kisame: no use now -_-'
me: ^^ i win :3
hidan: * laughts*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Deidara:*wines*I want a hug.The girls where mean to me...

Pein:What?*lets itachi go and goes over back to konan*

Zombie:So where where you guys?

Kakuzu:We -well Hidan killed somebody at the leaf village.Takes forever just to kill one guy for him...

Zombie:*intrested*Who was it?

Kakuzu:Well he had a kid with him that could control shadows an stuff.

Zombie:...Shikamaru!Aww man do you know what's gonna happen now?

Zetzu:Eather we're all going to die together or thier gonna pick us off?
hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Konan: O_O'
kisame: O_O
Tobi: TOBI IS SCARED TwT *hides*
sasori: physco!
hidan: hehhe

konan: -_-'
hace más de un año aprilacne said…


Zombie:*goes over to tobi and pats his head*

Pein:As you where saying Konan?

hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: *giggles*
tobi: *hugs you*
hidan: hnph imma go kill people..
konan: its nothing... *stands up and walks away*
me: ahut up woman! *yells at deidara*
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*hugging tobi*Can I come?

Kakuzu:Now?We just got back from you doing one of you're stupid things that ends u you getting you're head cut off!

Deidara:Aww bite me!

Zombie:It's called a ritual and we have to do that or else we won't be conected to Lord Jashen.So can I come?I'll be careful this time and not get kiddnaped.

hace más de un año Briannalq said…
Me: yesh o3o DeiDARA! your comeing with, i need you to blow up the remains of the village o3o hn...
konan: *sweatdrops*
hidan: yes....
Me: yayyyy o3o
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Deidara:I get to blow stuff up...AWSOME!

Pein:*hangs head*Oh lord help me...

Kakuzu:Lord help us all..

Zombie:YAY!Payback time! >:3

Zetzu:O-O You're starting to scare me....
hace más de un año wa391488 said…
((hi how does this work and talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
(Hi!And I don't know what you mean but the talking part is like......Idk but kinda ike what me and Briannalq where doing...\/

Zombie:Hi who ever you are I'm only 6!My name is Zombie and my big brother is apart of the Akatski!So don't threaten me or hrt me 'cuse he will kill you....)
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
hi there im tora ^-^
me: ino! get out of my closet!!!
ino: never!
me: fire style, fire dragon jutsu!
ino: oh god....
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*halfway to kahona*
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
me: -walks in woods- hello? -eyes changes color-
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*vines with throrns suround her*Who's there?
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
me: ughhh.... *eyes glow black* sasuke....come here for a sec...
sasuke: ummm sure tora-chan ^-^
me: technique?
sasuke: sureee hehee
sasuke and me: fire style fireball jutsu!!!!!!!!
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…

me: -jumps by sasuke-
sasuke: -hugs tora-
me: teehee -smiles-
sasuke: ok.oh! btw my name is sasuke uchiha....
me: and my name is tora masako....I heard about must be zombie....hidans brother?
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
me: wait.....*looks into future* -eyes glow bright green-
sasori: tora? is that you?
tora: -turns around- sasoriii!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sasori: -hugs her- long time no see!!!!!!!!!!!
me: yup ^-^
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:SASUKE!*jumps on him* *laughs*

Karin:Get the hell away from my sasuke!*throws zombie into a tree*

Zombie:*eyes glow bright purple-ish pink* *screams*
Hidan:*hears zombie sceaming*ZOMBIE!*runs*
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
me: Itachi,zetsu,deidara,kisame!!!! my bro's!!!!! (i was raised by the akatsuki)
itachi: tora...youve grown!
zetsu: hello tora :3
deidara: toraaa -tackles her-
kisame: -punches deidara- off of her!!!!!!!
me: teehee -smiles-
sasuke: i never knew you known them tora-chan....
me: i was raised by them!!!!
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
me: your sasuke?!?!?
karin: yeah!!!!!!
sasuke: dating tora!!!!!!
me: teehee he told you!!!!
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
me: hidan is that you?
hidan: -runs off-
me: he remembers that nightmare....teehee :P
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
karin: -punches tora-
me: grrrr.....
Sasuke: you did the wrong thing karin....prepare for your worst nightmare....
karin: like im scared of her...
me: -demon comes out- ROOOOAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!
 karin: -punches tora- me: grrrr..... Sasuke: tu did the wrong thing karin....prepare for your worst
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*has glowing vine marks all over her body, pins herself to the tree*DON'T JUST STAND THERE RUN!

Hidan:*grabs zombie and hugs her tightly*
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hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
sasuke: -plays harmony flute and calms tora down-
me: sasuke.... -falls-
sasuke: -catches her-
me: -sleeps peacefully-
sasuke: :3
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:*vines go away* *eyes go back to normal*
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
me: -wakes up- head...
sasuke: :3
itachi: karin ran off.....
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
sasuke: zombie...can you go find some medical herbs....tora has a cut on her arm....get some aloe or sumthing
hace más de un año aprilacne said…
Zombie:Ok...*goes outside to find herbs*
hace más de un año ToraMasako said…
Sasuke: Tora-chan its time to go home....
Me: okay sasuke...
~at village~
Hitomi: Toraaa-channnnn!!!!!!!!!!