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This My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad foto contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

How does it feel to win Pegasister of the week?
I feel really great! This is the best thing that happened to me on Fanpop!

Did tu like the Season 2 finale?
I really liked it because it was so entertaining and the Mane Six had to fight themselves.

Favorite villian: Discord o Chrysalis?
I have to say Discord.

Braeburn o cereza, cerezo Jubilee?
Braeburn since he is Applejack's cousin and part of the manzana, apple family.

Trixie o Twilight?
One hundred percent Twilight Sparkle. The first time I saw that episode, I wanted to throw an object to the TV?

Is ángel bossy?
I think he is because when Fluttershy made him the...
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 The villian
The villian
Miss Cheerilee, the local school teacher, decided to take a shortcut to her school. It was down a long dark alley behind the Ponyville gym. She was never the one for athletic sports o activites, but she supported fitness of all types. She heard a scream from behind a contenedor de basura, basurero and jumped. She began walking más quickly now, and became más cautious of her environment.

She was just about to turn the corner when a dart was shot into the side of her neck. She struggled, but couldn`t fight. She began hallucinating and fell to the ground. When she looked up, she saw a tall figure standing above her, "You can call me...Scarecrow!!!" dicho the figure. He added another dose into her neck, "How does it feel to be scared Miss Cheerilee?" "Are tu scared that I know your name?" "Fear this día for it is your last!"

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The train went through a tunnel when this happened.

Rarity: I am not getting this wagon dirty.
Applejack: Rarity, we can't let simple things like mud stop us! We need to get to that train.
Rarity: I no longer want to find the train.
Applejack: Well what about arco iris Dash?
Rarity: arco iris Dash is a tough pony, who-
Applejack: *Makes the wagon go through the mud. Some of it lands on Rarity*
Rarity: My face!! MY MANE!! APPLEJACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop the song.

Rainbow Dash: *In the first car of the train, looking for Flam. She's near the coupling between...
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Equestrian Side : GEA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, USA, Poland, Spain and Grifons

Russian Side : Mongolia, China, South Korea, Lithunia, Portugalski and Italy

The War begin but not all joined it. Noone has alot of allies. Battles starter on Griffin coast, Baltic Nations and Spanish Island

Griffins coast

GS-2.9 Captain - Where the hell are reinfor ments...
GS-2.9 Private 1st Class - Dont know but I Russian refugees are Here to help.
Refugee Leader - Aeroplany!
Griffin Soldier - Bombardiers and assault planes!
GS-2.9 Captain - Sh- We need help NOW!

Polish - Lithunian defence line.

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