My Little Pony - La Magia de la Amistad The Heist : Orgin [RP]

SomeoneButNoone posted on Feb 22, 2016 at 12:12AM
"Action take in future Equestria where gangs and mafias are taking over. One of most profitable business is black market and roberry. The best at preparing heists are millionaires. But some do this job to get out of Mafia debt. What driven you to commit crimes and kill police while stealing someone's money? Tell us the history, of first Skull Gang."

Action takes before The Heist fanfic when "Friendly Information" aka Jake Greenleaf was taking part in huge heists. The orther crew - is you.

App :

Name :
Speciality : (Field Medic, Technician, Enforcer, Assault, Support)
Age :
Backstory : (e.g. what driven them to commit crimes)
Personality :
Good Trait : (Good Aim, Advances in Technology etc.)
Bad Trait : (Bad Aim, Poor with technology etc)
Photo or look into :

Enjoy the BlackNET and prepare for The Heist.
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hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Name : Jake Greenleaf
Speciality : Technician
Age : 24
Back story : When he was 15 his father got shot by robbers while robbing a bank. He then found himself enjoying stealing. At age 23 Mafia saved his life from a shootout - now have to pay the debt.
Personality : Always smiling, quiet, enjoying crime.
Good Trait : Advanced with Technology
Bad Trait : Pretty bad aim
LOOK : Green hair, light green body, yellow eyes. He is an earth pony.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Name: Bill Gannon
Speciality: Assault
Age: 52
Back story: He was originally a police officer, but in 2010, he was demoted from Lieutenant to Sargent after losing a group of bank robbers. Because of this, he quit the police force. When not robbing banks, he likes to kill police ponies for fun.
Personality: A good thinker, strategist, only shouts when necessary
Good Trait: Getaway driver
Bad Trait: Opening vaults
LOOK : In the picture below
 Name: Bill Gannon Speciality: Assault Age: 52 Back story: He was originally a police officer, but
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
>>>>>>Loading BlackNET
-Welcome User-

Info : BlackNET is outside info-web made for criminals to connect and deal!

Recent Posts in :

Intel -

Ponyville ManeSix bank.
10K in cash.
Heavy armored payroll class 3
Offers -
I need someone for fast job. Slip in, slip out with 4K.
Good for noobs.
We deal 50-50 with is 2K head.
Deals -
M16 for 35g of cocaine don't have to be clean.

Top Clans :
1. Eagles
2. Wolf Pack
3. Anonymous
4. Smiley (solo)
5. 50 Blessings

You Have - 3 messages.

From : Tyroune3K

Yo Dude!
It's ya boy TYRONE best weapon dealer eve! I got info from Ghost you guys work with him!
You have discount at may place if ya want bishessss! I sell everything from drills and Pistols to Rocket Launchers and Miniguns with heavy armor! If ya have money hit me up and we can deal fams!

From : Dimitri

I'm Dimitri - your new informator. You guys gonna get fresh info about mobsters from me.
I hope to get paid in good deeds for me and some work. Ofcours when you have time.

From : Gh0st

Welcome to BlackNET boys. Since it's your first time I already prepared good team.
Let's get with rules of robbing again.

1. No civilian casualties. We need to pay to clean this shit.
2. Keep ammo in check. It's not a video game we PAY for ammo.
3. After action we let hostages go. We are professionals OK?
4. Don't peak your head out from the safehous. Food will be delivered from BlackNET.
5. No small roberry or killings in free time. Don't kill police and steal from local stores in your free time ok?
6. Escape vehicle is ONLY taken thru BlackNET.

Alright guys listien up. For starters we do something rather big. You have two choices.

1. Dimitri have problem with Italian Restaurant that won't pay him deed. Last warning came. You will go to restaurant with friendly mobster and when they won't pay get in - steal as much as possible and wreck the restaurant. Easy job right?

2. There is rare metal delivery in Ponyville Bank in name of Twilight. We can snach it in three occasions.
-> Loud in day we get in and wreck the place, keep civilians in check and drill inside take metal and gtfa from there.
-> At night they play loud music to keep security and workers awake. Those Fools from 24/7 bank won't even notice when we gonna cut vault metal and get the rare metal for ourselves.
-> We also can hit them mid road and steal it from convoy.

So what do you think. Chose what you like.

hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - So... What do you think... What should we take partner.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: The Italian Restuarant job. Let's help out Dimitri, since he's been helping us out.
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - *sighs* We are getting involved into bigger thing I tell you. We gonna be known as there's guys that terrorises poor restaurant...
Ghost - *from radio* That's why we gonna also hit jewellery store next doors. Get some jewellery and some cash - bag it in different bag so Dimitri stuff won't get mixed up.
Jake - We have this... *takes out bags* Light Kevlar and Heavy Armor. M4, Remington Shotgun and some bootleg heavy machine gun. Glock and Colt. Ammo bag, Med-kit, drills and some tech based stuff. Chose your equipment first I gonna sit in drills most of the time anyway.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: *Puts on his armor, grabs an M4, a colt, and extra ammo for both guns*
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
-In Van-

Ghost - You guys can do this quiet. Don't let anyone press the alarm and we will be undetected. Jake will drill and Bill will take care of civilians.

Jake - On your mark we go *wears mask and grab the shotgun*
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: *Has his M4 at the ready as he follows Jake*
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - Let's go in with a bang *breaks window* Everypony on the ground right now!
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: *Has his gun pointed at the hostages* Do as we say, and no one has to get hurt.
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Ghost - What the- someone from outside called Police. SWAT units in 5 minute prepare.

Jake - Shit. *starts drilling* shit this drill won't end in like 10 minutes...
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: I can hold them off, you just keep doing that.
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - *drills gets jammed* Are you fucking kidding me. *tries to repair drill* Drill you peace of shit!

Ghost - Here comes SWAT assault.

-3 teams of 5 swat are coming from all sides of main enterance-

Chief - This is Chief of this SWAT units! Surrender now! *stands in middle*
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: Like hell we will! *Shoots two Swat ponies* I'll fucking kill all of you! *Shooting more Swat ponies*
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Ghost - They are breaching in thru walls!
*wall explode and Jake gets shot*

Jake - Shit... *puts drill down and take shotgun blasting SWAT* Dumb shit! *drops shotgun and starts drilling again* Fuck... that hurts...

Ghost - They are pulling off, they will prepare Assault.

Jake - In meantime can you *drops explosives on table* place those around. Just duck tape them around and press button on the right.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: Yeah sure. *Takes the explosives, and carefully places them on walls around the back entrance*
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - *opens the safe* Jackpot. *bags the money*

Ghost - Put some fuel down to burn the place down.

Jake - Can you do it I'm busy packing the money.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: Alright. *Gets out a fuel jerry, and pours it on the ground* As soon as we get out, I'll light the fuel.
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Ghost - Dimitri on the line.
Dimitri - Good work boys. I will give you extra for efforts hahaha!

Jake - *throws money bag to Bill* Let's go before police burst in.
Ghost - OK we are throwing Jewlery store out of the window - their shop is closed and we don't have time to do this bullshit.
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hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: *Grabs a lighter* Better get going soon.
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - *jumps inside the Van* let's go.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: *Lights the gas* Get it started! *Running to the driver's seat*
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - Woo hoooo! *shoots in the air* let's get outta here!
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: *Gets in the van, but it wasn't started* I told you to get it started!! *Puts the key in the ignition, and starts the van, driving away*
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - Oh sorry for entering the back of the Van with bag *big explosion can be heard* Well that's job well done for me.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: It was. How much did we get?
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - 5,000 in cash. Small amount.
Dimitri - Take it as extra with that 10,000 I give you for starters. Buy something Fancy. I like you guys.

Jake - To the safehouse now or you want to do something before we go there. We can access BlackNET at safehouse.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: I just want to go to the safehouse, unless you want to do something else.
hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - Sure to safehouse we go.


BlackNET - Online.

Messages :

From : Dimitri

You guys did a great work and won my respect. So I have something bigger for you. Something more... Extreme. My package is stuck at military warehouse and it has a... Specific package. You don't need to know what is inside just get it to me.
If you wand do it ASAP.

From : ???

Hello boys. I have some info about one bank. Do anytime.

From : Greenleaf.

Hello Lads! You may know me - I'm running for Ponyville mayor. You see I don't have big backing. With your help I may win it with 75% of votes. What it gives you? Hahaha! And you ask. Enterance to any top secret info also I can help you out in many ways. I give you 3 days to think about it!
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hace más de un año SomeoneButNoone said…
Jake - What we doing? You chose.
hace más de un año Seanthehedgehog said…
Bill: Let's do that job for Dimitri first. After that, let's help out Green Leaf.