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NocturnalMirage posted on Aug 12, 2015 at 07:56PM
They say that just like ponies, countries and empires have lives too. They go through the same stages as we do. When they are born, they start out small. Then the bigger they grow, the stronger they get. They make many mistakes when they are young but eventually, they learn to distinguish right from wrong, friend from enemy, conquest from massacre. As they evolve and reach their peak, they are like a mighty stallion at the prime of his life. Powerful, determined, sharp-minded and fueled by the passion and willingness to change the world. But just like us, empires grow old eventually. They become weak, desperate and fragile. Internal illnesses sprout up like weeds in a once beautiful but abandoned garden. The smell of decay attracts the prowling enemies and they gather around to finish what time has already started...

The changelings came from nowhere 8 years ago and brought terror to all. We have managed to stop their mad Queen and foolishly believed that such a victory will mean the end of the war. But we were wrong... so horribly wrong. When we thought our world was safe, it fell apart before our very eyes.

The battle at the Isles of Romani was merely the beginning. The beginning of OUR end. We have fought valiantly till our last breaths. But we were no match for these new weapons the beasts of the abyss have created. When we truly realized what we were up against, it was already too late... One by one, the Southern Kingdoms have fallen. Zebria, Antelopia, The Plain's Nation... they were all consumed by the endless armies of the changelings.

Before we could react, the monsters were pounding on our gates. We had to learn the new ways of war quickly. We gathered the greatest minds of our kind to create weapons that could rival the changeling technology. Factories emerged from the ground one after the other within weeks. We witnessed as our leaders decided to use the new inventions of doom. But the abyssal monsters did not stop. We responded to fire with fire but the only thing that we achieved is to smolder the world to dust.

Through great courage and sacrifice, we were able to stop the changeling invasion. But the effort was too much for our country and the war ripped it into three.

The pegasi were warriors by nature and could not accept surrender. They have seceded from what was left of the Equestrian empire and formed Western Equestria. The winged soldiers continued the war with the changelings and successfully defended their territories for years...

The dwellers of the tundra; the elks, the hypogriffs, the deer and the griffons created the Northern Federation and broke off all contact with the rest of the world. The griffons, who were once great warriors, just hid in their cold, desolate mountain like cowards.

The remaining regions of the former Empire took the name of Central Equestria. Their King was able to protect the most valuable and strategically important cities, like Manehatten. But he only prolonged the agony of his nation...

Year after year, the war waged on... Every side suffered tremendous casualties but none could triumph over the other. The battle has become a stalemate. The front lines have solidified like a frozen lake. But the so-called truce did not bring too much relief... Disease, hunger, violence and riots spread like wildfires only the never sleeping factories remained constant... the pale Sun always hides behind the dense, black smoke coming from their chimneys, like if it was ashamed of the world. Well... the Sun has every right to feel that way...

So I guess the saying is true... Countries do have the same life cycles as we do. And ours is dying. When the ponies lose faith in their own country, that country is doomed to be lost in the sands of time... After all... this is the Age of the Fading Light.

*** ***


- No godmodding (nopony's all-powerful and/or invincible, not even Celestia herself)

- No puppeteering (please refrain from taking control of someone else's character without a permission)

- No killing each other's characters without permission.

- No Deus ex Machina (a conflict cannot be magically solved/made disappear by a simple flash of a horn.)

- There is no character/person limit, you may play as many characters as you want, within a reasonable number of course.

- Please do not implement anything that deviates drastically from the established laws of the show!

- We like to keep a fast pace and although this is not a specific rule, but try to post daily so you won't fall out of the loop.

- And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

*** ***

In order to join with your OC, please fill out this short character sheet below!

Bio: (optional)
Voiced by: (optional)

*** ***

Useful tips:

- This is the sequel of the Eye of Anubis RP. However, you don't really need to have too much knowledge of the previous RP. Only a few characters are the common link. So that shouldn't hold you back if you wish to join! :)

- This RP takes place in a time period AFTER the Medieval times of Equestria. The premise is more or less like our world was during the Great Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Lots of new technologies, machines, factories and overall pretty bad life conditions.

- The RP takes place 8 YEARS AFTER the events of the prequel, however, there will be some flashbacks.

- The RP will be full of twists, the tables will be turned every once in a while which will mean that the fine line between antagonists and protagonist will not be as unambiguous as usual.
 They say that just like ponies, countries and empires have lives too. They go through the same stages
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hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Yes. This is awesome. I will join with all my past character

Name: Longsword
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Personality: Helpful, caring, courageous, but now more kindhearted and joyful

Name: Steel Sword
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Personality: Calm, quit, but friendly

Name: Blunderbuss
Gender: Male
Race: Unicron
Personality: Sadistic, manipulative, hateful
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hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
(So we meet again.. Or.. RP again.. xD)

Name: Tsura Sly
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Personality: Curious, Manipulative, Sarcastic, Discourteous, Self Destructed, violent, seducing, yet can be a nice pony when well known.
Voiced by: Salma Hayek

Name: Ragnar Sly
Gender: Male
Race: Pegasus
Personality: Witty, Manipulative, protective, sarcastic, charming, Devoted when it comes to love..
Voiced by: Nolan North

Name: Wheat Roll
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Personality: Kind, protective, generous, honest, loyal..
Voiced by: Emilie de Ravin

Name: Meadow Light
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Positive, warm-hearted, gullible, vulnerable
Voiced by: Laura Bailey

Name: Toy Sword
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Personality: Fun, trustworthy, determined, brave
Voiced by: Still working on it.

Name: Willow
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Personality: Fun, playful, caring, sensitive
Voiced by: Still working on it.

Name: Jaya Sly
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Personality: Serious, Strict, Flamboyant, Discourteous
Voiced by: Kate Mulgrew


Although the times were dark, few ponies kept their “cheerful” spirit, as if nothing happened. Fake smiles in every corner.. The ponies kept their daily life the same as before. Trying to mask the terrors and wars surrounding them..

Faraway from the crowded village, a big cottage is set within the Everfree Forest. Who lives in this mysterious house, you may ask? Who would live in such a house surrounded by terrifying creatures? Well, that doesn’t matter anymore once you live in constant war. Tsura and Catapult had moved into the home with their three kids: Meriva, Vectra, and Tanis. The scene changes to the large, decorated bedroom where Tsura lies on top of her husband, Catapult. Although she’d had three kids over the past eight years, her appearance seemed to remain the same. Young, beautiful, and bright. Her raven mane was longer, almost reaching her hooves, She snores softly on his chest, and stays like that for a few more minutes... After half an hour or so, the gypsy suddenly opens her blue eyes, waking up before the stallion. She twitches her furry, tan ears and shakes her tangled mane like a dog. The mare scouts the room, squinting her eyes at the dark window with a frown. She lowers her bright, constricted pupils at the stallion, smirking at him as she nuzzles his neck with her chin, trying to wake him up. When she realizes that doesn't work, she begins to groom his cheek with her tongue, tickling his neck and face.

Tsura: Come on, my Catapult.. Wake up.. I know you’re tired from last night’s shift.. More weapons are needed everyday… But it’s time to take the kids to school.. And time for you to go to work.. *continues to groom his face* They'll be here in any-

Before the gypsy could finish her sentence, the arched, wooden door in front of them suddenly bursts open. Their three children burst in the room, flying with their tiny wings toward their parents. Their high pitched screams and laughter fill the room. Meriva, Vectra, and Tanis land on the mattress with excited faces, and they begin to bite Catapult’s ears and tail for him to wake up.

* * *

It was already late morning back in the village. The pale beams of light pierced through the window, lighting the room. The nude earth pony was beneath the sheets of the brown bed, with Longsword above her. Wheat smirks at the stallion, wrapping her hooves around his neck.

Wheat: *strokes his cheek* Eight years is too long.. *giggles then kisses the stallion above her passionately*

The two ponies were so lost in their ecstasy, neither of them had heard the door from nearby unlock. The voice of a familiar pony fills the room as she enters with her little sister, unaware of the current scene. Meadow enters the room with her eight year old sibling, Willow on her back.

Willow: Hey, guess what? Blueberries were currently on sale! We’ll make enough muffins for Meadow’s students!
Meadow: Apparently blueberries aren’t a big item in the-

Before Meadow can finish her sentence, Wheat quickly throws Longsword aside and hides under the sheets with flushed cheeks.

Willow: *tilts her head* What are you guys still doing in bed? It’s almost nine!
Meadow: *lifts her head and encounters both nude ponies hiding under the covers with her jaw dropped and widened eyes*
Wheat: I.. *clears her throat* I was just tired of my shift last night.. Many ponies were injured.. A-And I needed some rest... Longsword here was helping me rest.. *smiles in embarrassment at Meadow*
Meadow: *just stares at her parents in bed, stuttering, trying to figure out what to say, then looks down at Willow* L-L.. Let’s go make some muffins. We’ve got to make a lot, since... There’s gonna be new students this year. *smiles*
Willow: Okay! *nods and hops off her back, skipping her way to the kitchen*
Wheat: *once her young daughter leaves, she looks at Meadow and whispers* Don’t you have students to teach? We thought you were gonna be back later!
Meadow: Well we weren’t. So next time you can put a tie in the door, or tell me before time! I thought it would be nice to start off the school year with some blueberry muffins..!
Wheat: *raises the sheet to her nose, then blushes as she laughs*
Meadow: *blinks* Y-You know what? I-I’m gonna go make some muffins.. *turns around and shuts the door with her magic*
Wheat: *sighs of relief then stares at Longsword with an innocent smile*
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hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: (Sighs) I swear, some ponies just don't know how to knock, do they

Steel Sword: (She was out in the forest, trying to meditate, as usual)
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
for possible newcomers, my characters are:

Name: Summer Pride
Gender: Mare
Race: Unicorn
Personality: feisty, straightforward, vehement, sharp-minded, extremely emotional, experienced, intellectual and elegant. Also, former queen of the once Great Equestrian Empire
Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

Name: Landslide
Gender: Stallion
Race: Earth pony
Personality: Contemplative, humble, calm, religious, prudent. Also Summer's older brother. Also, King of Central Equestria
Voiced by: Robert Downey Jr.

Name: Slingshot
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Personality: realistic, reserved, strong-willed, a bit cold but has a loving side, somewhat masculine, intelligent and an experienced warrior
Voiced by: Michelle Monaghan

Name: Catapult
Gender: Stallion
Race: Pegasus
Personality: witty, a little mischievous but extremely loyal and loving, extrovert. Also Slingshot's son

Name: Ricochet
Gender: Stallion
Race: Changeling
Personality: deceptive, a great tactician, very intelligent, sarcastic and manipulative. Also King of the Changeling Empire.
Voiced by: Kiefer Sutherland

*** ***

He always started the day very early in the morning, even before the war. It's been a family trait ever since he was a young colt. The brown stallion got out of his humble bed with an energetic jump and stretched his muscles. Despite his bulky appearance, he was always radiating with otherworldy calmness. Landslide followed his daily routines as usual: a lengthy prayer and mediation then watching the sunrise afterwards. Although he resided in the stronghold of Canterlot, the capital of Central Equestria and everypony called him "your Highness", he was technically a governor, not a King. Despite the fact that he came from an ancient royal bloodline, he never allowed his subjects to crown him. It would have contradicted the code of his religion which forbids such materialistic vanity. The earth pony ate a small portion of food quickly then set off to deal with the challenges of the new day. And there was a lot of those. In fact, these challenges took away most of his time. Many issues required his immediate attention so he wasted no time and jumped right into them...

*** ***

She didn't sleep at all. Again. The pegasus mare locked her magenta eyes on the photos on her wall. Ever since they invented these weird contraptions, called photomachines, her work has gotten a little bit easier. These machines could capture a glimpse of reality and even though the photos were blurry and low quality, not to mention black and white for some reason; they still proved to be helpful. Of course, the photos were all taken at crime scenes around the city. And not just Canterlot but numerous others. As a high ranking Royal Detective, Slingshot had the authority to investigate anywhere at anytime within the borders of Centralia. The problem she had with the pictures - besides the horrific sight of corpses - was the way the victims were killed. during her life, she has seen many deaths, she was pretty much unaffected by it. But something kept bugging her in the back of her mind. Her instincts suggested her that something was not right. Well, the state of the world in whole is not right! Slingshot thought and let out a resigned, sarcastic little laugh. The yellow coated pegasus drank what was left of her coffee, got into her coat and left her tiny apartment. On the way to the Central Precinct, the thought of her son passed through her mind randomly for some reason...

*** ***

He awakened to the most beautiful sight in the planet. Even though he has seen it countless times over the past eight years, the face of his beloved and beautiful wife greeted him in the morning. Despite all the ugliness in the world, he has found true happiness on the side of this curious gypsy mare. To enhance the experience, his three children entered the room rather hastily. for a moment he allowed himself to enjoy the sensual tingling in his groin from last night. Even after all this time, his wife made him work for a living and not just in the weapon factory, but in the bedroom as well. but Catapult had to shoo the thought away, because the young ones were already jumping up and down on his bed.

Catapult: All right, all right, I'm up! *yawns* You're all slave-drivers, you know that?

He smiled at his children and kissed Tsura on the lips. Perhaps the kiss lasted a second longer that was appropriate but the two fillies and the colt were too busy biting on his ears and tail playfully. He summoned upon his inner strength and got up from the cozy, warm bed to begin the new day...
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Tsura: *smirks at the stallion then smiles brightly at her kids. She then hops out of bed and stretches her back my leaning her body backwards like a dog. The gypsy turns her head to the young ponies* Since I cannot use the stove because I always burn myself.. Catapult will be making your breakfast! Meanwhile you all will take a quick bath. Did you fill the tub?
Tanis: *nods quickly as he idles in excitement* Yes! A-And I added extra bubbles!
Tsura: *yawns* Good! *picks up the colt and carries him out the door as her daughters follow, a bit jealous*

* * *

Wheat: *giggles at Longsword's comment, then wraps a blanket around her body* I need to get to work.. There will be many patients today. Including an old friend. Perhaps I'll stop by and grab some groceries as well. *smiles brightly at him*
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: Yeah, I should get ready too. God knows what could happen today. I'll see you this evening (Gives Wheat a quick kiss)

Steel Sword: (Keeps meditating in peace)
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hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
(Oh, awesome a new player! Welcome! I'm honored you chose this as your very first RP! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

Catapult: *furrows a brow as he looks at his wife but he cannot be angry at her at all* You always make up excuses for the cooking... *sighs* Fine, just give me a few minutes! *trots into the kitchen
Meriva: *trots beside her mother into the bathroom with a wide smile on her face*
Vectra: follows them with an apathetic expression* why do we even have to take a bath in the MORNING too? We'll end up dirty anyways. *frowns*
NocturnalMirage commented…
Glad tu like it. :3 it's the third part of a saga that has been going on continuously for más than one and a half years. :D hace más de un año
NocturnalMirage commented…
We'll see. ;) hace más de un año
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Tsura: Well, Vectra, feel free to walk in on your first day of school smelling like a stinky pig! You'll make a great impression. Hmm.. Which reminds me.. I've got to take the trash out.
Tanis: Hear that, Vectra? You need to go outside.
Tsura: *rolls her eyes and gently bites Tanis by the neck and dips him in the bubbly water*

* * *

Wheat: Alright. I'll see you then. Take care of Willow! And don't feed her too many sweets like last time! She didn't sleep for a week! *stands up from bed and begins getting dressed*
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: Don't worry. I won't (Gets dressed and then heads out) Toy Sword, where are you?
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Vectra: Hmph! *turns her back on her little brother, stomping a hoof*
Meriva: *places a hoof on her sister's shoulder* Don't listen to him, Vectra! He's just being mean!
Vectra: no, he's being stupid! *turns her head and sticks her tongue out at Tanis*
Catapult: *walks in and gently grabs Vectra by her ear* what did I tell you about doing that in this house? Now get in that tub before I call your mother in again!
Vectra: *stares at her hooves like they were so interesting* I'm sorry dad.
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Toy Sword: *walks out from a room* I'm here, father. I was hoping you didn't see me, I did not wanted to disturb you and.. Mother. I apologize, I forgot my sword in your house. I'll be heading out now. *saves his sword on his belt*

* * *

Tanis: *laughs at his sisters, but then stops once he sees Catapult enter the room, lowering his furry ears*
Tsura: *raises an eyebrow, then picks up Meriva and places her into the tub next to her brother* Do that again and a monster will appear under your bed tonight. *picks up Vectra by the neck and settles her in the water*
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: Good to hear. Now we need to hurry. We have to patrol the outer wall, and we can't be late
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Vectra: *crosses her arms in front of her chest in the tub while her sister plays with the bubbles*

*** ***

The hoofsteps behind Thunderstorm are seem to be getting closer, slowly but assuredly driving him towards the depth of the dense, dark and sinister forest...
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: (Her meditation is disturbed when she hears hoofsteps)
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Toy Sword: *nods* Of course.. I didn't become a soldier for nothing. Let's go!
Wheat: *comes out of the bathroom brushing her mane* Ah ah ah! Go clean yourself first!
Toy Sword: Mom, I'm eighteen..
Wheat: And I'm your mother!
Toy Sword: *rolls his eyes*
Wheat: *tilts her head at Longsword* And you too! Don't think by just putting some clothes on you're ready! You will sleep on the couch if I find one pinch of dirt in my bed!

Tsura: *tilts her head a bit at Vectra's attitude, then grabs some soap and massages Vectra's scalp with it* Anyhow.. Since it is mandatory to go see the doctor every month for any sickness that can spread, I decided to go today.
Tanis: *perks his ears as he shakes the bubbles off his nose* Really? You're going to the village? Will you drop us off at school then?
Tsura: No, Catapult will. I.. I need to clean the house and all.. BUT since I am going out either way, I figured I'd go to the market as well. I'll buy some fruit and since all of you have been extra good this month.. I'd figured you all deserve some treats..
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: (Chuckles) You know, you can be real mean sometimes (Goes to change into cleaner clothes)
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Wheat: *scoffs* Mean?! I am the nicest pony in this town! *looks back at her son and combs his mane* See? How hard is it to look nice?
Willow: *comes out holding a basket of fresh muffins* I washed my face twice this morning!
Wheat: See? This is why you're my favorite. *pats her head*
Meadow: *walks out besides Willow with another basket of muffins*
Wheat: Gee, how many students will you be having this year?
Meadow: There will be four new students, including my little sister. Overall, twenty students will be in my class.
Wheat: Do you know them?
Meadow: *smiles* I believe so.
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hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: (Walks out in clean clothes, feeling playful) There. Are these clothes good enough for "her majesty"
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Wheat: Hmm.. *observes Longsword closely with a mischievous smile, then fixes the collar of the shirt* Now you are!
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: Good. Can't look bad in front of a group of cute girls (Says this as he smiles at Wheat, Meadow, and Willow)
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Suddenly, Thunderstorm finds himself surrounded by a group of ponies, seemingly bandits. Without even asking anything, an earth pony stallion charges at him with a huge dagger in his hoof.

*** ***

Catapult: All right younglings, quit fooling around and get to cleaning! We have to leave in half an hour. Plus your breakfast is getting cold!
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: (Walks to where the bandits and Thunderstorm are) Of course. bandits like you would do something like this in such hard times. I suggest you stop your heinous act at once
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hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Bandit: *with a thick accent* Don't put your muzzle where don't belong! Now get lost before we cut you up!
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: I wouldn't suggest doing that. Is that how you were taught to speak to a mare? I must say, you have terrible manners. Guess it's to be expected from a bandit
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Bandit! : That's it! Get her, boys!

Half a dozen of bandits charge at Steel with a killer instinct...
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: (Uses her magic to knock all of the bandits back, hurting them, but not seriously injuring them)
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Bandit: *glares at Steel* Holy shit, it's one of those freaks with abnormal powers! Screw this, let's get out of here!

All the criminals swiftly vanish in the surrounding woods before Steel could react; leaving her alone with Thunderstorm.
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: I used this (Shows him a magical amulet)
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Tsura: *pulls out three orange towels from the cabin nearby, and drains the water from the tub. She then wraps her children in the warm towels, quickly drying them. All of them end up looking like hairballs because of their furry coat they inherited from Tsura. The mare grabs a hairbrush from the sink, and begins to groom the three ponies. Finally, she dresses the fillies and colt in warm cloaks* All right! Come on, go eat! Quickly!

The children all nod at their mother and spread their tiny wings, flying out the bathroom and heading for the kitchen.

Tsura: Glad you didn't set the kitchen on fire. *bends down in front of Catapult and begins to wipe the water off the ground*


Willow: I'm the cute one!!! RIGHT?!
Wheat: Yes, of course. Now both of you strong stallions get going. Meadow, you don't want to be late for your job as a teacher. Get going. *picks up Willow*
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: Yes, of course. Come on, Toy (As soon as they all leave, Longsword rushes back in quickly to give Wheat another quick kiss before heading back out) I'll see you later this evening, Wheat (Walks off, waving to her)

Steel Sword: Don't worry. I was given to this by a priest. My name is Steel Sword. I came to help you
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hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Catapult: *a mischievous grin expands on his face as he takes a steps closer to Tsura and grabs her flank for a second when the children are not paying attention* You're doing that on purpose again. Don't tempt me, woman, I'm gonna be late from work! *kisses her on the cheek and begins dressing up* Come on children, what's taking so long!
Vectra: *standing at the door with an apathetic expression* Tanis and Meriva are at it again...
Meriva: *rushes downstairs screaming*
Catapult: What in the hay is wrong?!
Meriva: Dad, Tanis took my saddlebag and put cockroaches in it!!!
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: I don't know what you mean, but I am not here to hurt you. I only wish to help. Here (Takes the amulet off her neck and puts it away) See, I am not here to harm you
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: Your injured. Let me help (Comes near him carefully, not wanting to frighten him)
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: Alright (Uses the amulets magic to completely heal his wing)
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Tanis: *rushes behind Meriva* That's not true! The cockroaches just enjoy the warmth in her bag!
Tsura: *flies upstairs and grabs the saddlebag* TANIS!
Meriva: That was my favorite bag! *pouts*
Tsura: *walks downstairs and empties the bag of roaches out the window*
Meriva: *frowns*
Tsura: Tell you what, I'll pick up some chocolate in the market just for you. What flavor would you like?
Meriva: *gasps* Really? Oh! Milk! Milk!
Tanis: Ewwww!!! Dark Chocolate is way better! Get that, mom!
Meriva: No! I want milk!
Tsura: Milk chocolate it is.
Meriva: *stares at the saddlebag* ...Now it's all dirty and yucky.. Every pony will laugh at me!
Tsura: ..Hmm.. No, no they won't. *removes Tanis' bag from his bag and throws it at Meriva* You're taking his bag.
Tanis: WHAT?!
Tsura: *places the other pink bag around Tanis' back* And you will take hers.
Tanis: But mom!! It's pink!! Dad!
Jade_23 commented…
NocturnalMirage commented…
Haha, awww, this scene was so cute! <3 hace más de un año
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Catapult: *drinking his coffee with a calm expression and answers without even looking at the little colt* You can only blame yourself, son. If you mess with the stuff of others, be prepared to take the heat as well.
Vectra: *doesn't say a word but a small, satisfied smirk appears in the corners of her lips*
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: (Walking to the city with Toy Sword) Son, I think it's time I taught you how to use a firearm. Most of the soldiers will be using one, so you'll need to be well trained as well
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: Sorry, but its the only way I could heal you. We are far from the nearest hospital, and the injury would just get worse and worse
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Tanis: B-But I won't make friends with this thing! They'll think I'm a girl, and that I'm weak! They'll make fun of me! I have to walk through the village with this!!!
Tsura: *shrugs* Next time think twice about your actions.
Tanis: *frowns and walks out the door with the pink bag and a dark expression*

* * *

Toy Sword: *gasps* Really? I.. I mean, Oh, yeah. Sure! It would help me very much!
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: Yes, it would. But, don't think you're going to be carrying that thing around. It's a lot more dangerous than a sword. Once your able to master it, then you'll be able to carry one around with you
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Catapult: *finishes his breakfast and stands up* Okay, sweetie, I better get going too before the kids slash each other's throats again. *kisses Tsura deeply* See you in the evening, my love! *trots out of the house puts his kids up on his back, flares his wings and flies away toward the city*
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Tanis: *sits on Catapult's back with lowered ears and an angry look on his face*

Tsura: *locks her eyes on her husband with a smile until he disappears with the kids out of her sight. The gypsy then turns back and grabs the broom from nearby and begins to collect the dust from beneath the cabins and table. She then grabs the plates her family used earlier and begins to wash the dishes with a black sponge*

* * *

Toy Sword: How old were you when you used your first gun? And when you mastered it?
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Longsword: I was only a young stallion. I first used it when I was twenty three. I mastered it only three months later. I swear, it feels like yesterday when I first held it

(Hey, I got to go, but this RP is already fun. See you guys tomorrow)
NocturnalMirage commented…
See tu soon, mate! Great rping with tu as usual! :3 hace más de un año
Jade_23 commented…
Bye! :3 hace más de un año
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Tsura: *idles at the clean house, figuring out what to do next, tilting her head. She'd left the floor spotless, and all the dishes were clean. Based on her knowledge, she even dusted the ceiling and walls with the broom. Tsura organized the beds, and organized her children's toys. The gypsy hums in boredom, twitching her ears in case anything happens. Her eyes wander off to the clock on the wall, constricting them as she observes the hands of the device move. The mother sighs, and walks to her room and begins to get dressed*

* * *

Toy Sword: Really? Hmm.. I bet I can master it in a day! I undoubtedly must've inherited your talent!
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Meanwhile, at a remote corner of Western Equestria...

The Elk-horn Tavern was a small, but warm and inviting little inn, sitting on top of the Western mountains. It was also famous for it's gorgeous view that not only included the snowy mountain peaks but the Sparkling Sea as well. But at this time of the year, there was nothing for the eyes to feast on. The sea was bashfully hiding behind a dense layer of fog; the sun was covered by thick storm clouds. Even though it started snowing a mere hour ago, it already began to form a few inch layer on the roof of the tavern. However, it was the exact opposite on the inside. A friendly, warm fire was cracking in the old, iron stove, the petroleum lanterns provided a gloomy but cozy light and the few guests were laughing out loud with blushing cheeks; clearly the beneficial results of the strong wine and beer.

When the bell, hanging above the massive door jingles and another pony comes in a wave of coldness and snow comes along as well. The guests glance at the new arrival then continue their conversation. The pony slowly walks to the bar and sits down on one of the stools. Because of the hood and the thick robes, the pony's features are not visible.

???: A glass of red wine please! The strongest you got!

The bartender nods and pours red wine into an artistic, dainty, crystalline glass. The pony takes a sip and lets out a satisfied sigh. After removing the hood and the coat, it is revealed that the new arrival is a mare. Despite seemingly being in the beginning of her forties, she's still very attractive. Eyes of the color of frozen emeralds, fiery orange mane, that's been carefully combed toward the back of head so the hair could follow the regal shape of her skull only to be cut short by the height of her swan-like neck. The only relatively weak spot on her beauty is her somewhat bony nose and a faint but visible scar on the right side of her neck. The mare of course is none other than Summer Pride herself, former Queen of the Equestrian Empire. The white unicorn listens to the cacophony of several ongoing conversations behind her back for a while then takes another sip of wine.

Summer clicks with her tongue in satisfaction and addresses the bartender on a strange, foreign language, the same language everypony in the tavern speaks. Despite the fact that she's obviously not from around these parts, she seems to have no problem speaking the difficult language without any trace of accent at all.

Summer: Mmm, Centráliai bor? (Centralian wine?)
Bartender. *blinks in surprise then replies with a pale smile* Igen. Természetesen. (Yes. Of course.)

At this point, one of the other customers from behind joins the conversation, speaking loudly*

Pony: Na ja, az Boszorkányvér! Finom, mi? (Oh yes, that is Witch Blood! It's good, isn't it?)
Summer: *snorts a little then smiles without turning around when she replies* A legjobb. (The best.)
Pony: Nincs kedved ideülni hozzánk egy italra, cicám? (Would you like to join us for a drink?)
Summer: *turns around and approaches the table with a strange but seductive smile on her face* Miért ne? (Why not?)

As she walks over to the stallions, she moves in a way that emphasizes her perfect curves then sits down.

Summer: És mi hozott titeket Nyugat-Equesztriába? (So what brings you to Western Equestria?)
Pony: A klíma. Tehéntenyésztő vagyok, haha! (The climate. I'm a dairy farmer, haha!)
Pony 2: Hah, én meg fegyverkovács. Én csinltam a legjobb pisztolyokat Ménhattenben a háború előtt. de azok a fegyverek elavultak már.(Hah, and I'm a gunsmith. I made the finest pistols in Manehatten before the war. But all those guns are obsolete now.)
Summer: Oh, valóban? Én is onnan származom! Volt is egy boltom az 53. utcában! (Oh, really? I'm from there too! Even had a shop on the 53rd street!) *flashes another seductive smile*
Pony 2: Hmm... Érdekes... az én műhelyem is ott volt! De nem hiszem hogy rd emlékszem! Pedig egy ilyen szépséget nehéz elfelejteni! Hmm.... Strange... my workshop was there too!I But I don't think I remember you... and it's difficult to forget a beauty like you!)
Pony 1: *switches to Equestrian* I agree. What's your name, sweetie?
Summer: *her pupils suddenly constrict to a size of a pin as she replies a little too loudly but with that weird smile still on her face* Oh, don't have a name!

The eyes of the two stallions meet as they raise a brow.

Summer: My name was taken away by dairy farmers... and gunsmiths! *clings her glass with the other ponies and they all drink. but as they're taking one sip by the other, the mare keeps her eyes locked on the stallion sitting in front of him. The gunsmith then looks away at his partner and the dairy farmer looks at Summer from the corner of his eyes. The unicorn is the first to put her glass down then places her left hoof on the massive wooden table. When she turns it around, an oddly shaped tattoo is revealed on her wrist. It's such a contrast on her snow white fur that both stallions have to look at it. The dairy farmer's eyes grow wide as he recognizes the symbol. He slowly reaches under the table while the mare's eyes travel upwards from her tattoo to meet the gunsmith's. suddenly, all warmness disappears from those emerald eyes as they become sharp and empty.

Without even looking, the seemingly dainty mare grabs the object in the air, that was aimed at her throat and rips it out of the dairy farmer's hooves, but not letting the stallion go, as instead forcing his arm on the table with enormous strength. Then she glances at the black knife.

Summer: A shadow-blade. *then she reads the signs on the hilt on the stallion's language* Vér és becsület... (Blood and honor...)
Pony: Please...
Summer: Melyiket akarod előbb elveszíteni?! (Which one would you like to lose first?!)
Pony: *groans in pain as the mare's hoof is pinning his on the table* We had our orders!
Summer: *glares at the dairy farmer* Blood then.

Then with a rapid move, she stabs the stallion in the arm, the blade goes through his flesh and the wooden table too. The gunsmith charges at her on the table, but he is stopped in mid air by Summer's punch. The unicorn's blow sends him flying back and crashing against the wall but his life was ended even before that since with only one strike, the mare already crushed his skull. At this moment, the bartender jumps through the taproom and fires his double barreled shotgun. But as Summer raises her free hoof, the slugs stop and levitate in mid air for a while. Then, obeying the swing of her arm, they soar through the air to turn the bartender into Swiss cheese.

Another customer tries to attack from behind but Summer swiftly pulls the knife out of the dairy farmer's arm and the table while still holding his hoof down with her own. She throws the shadow blade and hits the attacker on the throat. He falls down, making terrible gurgling sounds in agony as the white unicorn extends her hoof and the knife slides back into it through the air. Then she stabs the arm of the dairy farmer again, pinning him to the table once more. Ignoring his moans of pain, she peacefully drinks a sip of her wine.

Pony: Who... what are you???
Summer: *looks at the stallion with a strange, relentless smirk* Let's just say I'm Ricochet's monster. And I'm looking for my creator. But first, I want Precise Cut! WHERE IS HE?!
Pony: Antelopia! He's in Antelopia!
Summer: *pets the stallion on the head gently* Thank you! see? It wasn't so hard was it? now you've lost your honor. It's time to lose your blood too!
Pony: No, wait, ple...
Summer: *before the stallion could finish his begging, she suddenly grabs his neck with both hooves and bites on it fiercely with her fangs, ripping out a huge piece of flesh... Oddly, the pony's blood isn't red, it's fluorescent green* Mmm, delicious! *then she picks up her glass of wine and empties it at once.

The tall mare stands up and leisurely walks to the door. She stops only for a second when - without looking back - her horn fires a bright, red magic beam which writes down an impossible arch in the air, goes around its creator in a zig-zag and strikes the last survivor of the tavern who was about to jump her from behind with a shadow blade in his hoof. The ray hits him just in time, a millisecond before his knife could reach the target. He suffers horrible burns immediately and falls on the floor, reverting to his original form of a changeling, just like all the other victims.

Summer: *walks with the alabaster mask of cold fury on her face* Now, Doctor. You are next....
hace más de un año alinah_09 said…
(You got a headstart but I'll catch up...maybe. Anyway! In regards to chocolate.......Dark Chocolate for the win boinj!! XD)

Name: Astral Streak
Gender: Stallion/Male
Race: Unicorn
Personality: Calm,Family-Oriented,Kind but usually stays quiet.
Bio: The lone son of the main family of Astrologers,he got separated from them and now he lives alongside another young survivor who he also considers family.
~~~ ~~~
Name: Crystal Rose
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Personality: Cheery and Nice.
Bio: Like Astral,she also got separated from her parents when the outbreak first emerged and after bonding with the stallion and and some convincing,she now lives with Astral in his apartment. She cherishes him and her friends for taking care of her and considers Astral as the brother she never had.
~~~ ~~~
(Decided on another OC,dunno when she'll pop up but just incase)
Name: Fiamma White (Fia for short)
Gender: Mare/Female
Race: Pegasus
Age: 20
Personality: Serious...that's all I have for now.
Bio: Even after the separation of Equestria,she kept on travelling from place to place as to gather information and to use it to her advantage,she didn't want to partake in any sides...although after the ruler of West Equestria found out,she had been bound inside the kingdom with her brother Ren guarding her. However,with the knowledge she gained she found herself escaping easily(her brother letting her)...and now her younger brother faces punishment.

(I got the idea of "White Flame" when we were studying about colors in fireworks in Science class....but the name sounded plain so i just looked for the Italian translation of "Flame" haha...)
Jade_23 commented…
Yay, welcome back! hace más de un año
hace más de un año Windwakerguy430 said…
Steel Sword: Oh, no, I don't want anything. I just want to make sure your okay

Longsword: Don't get too cocky, Toy. It isn't easy to learn hose to use one of those
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
The gypsy comes out of the room with a purple Equestrian dress on. It's weird to not see her in a skirt, corset or blouse. She brushes her long mane and tie it into a side bride, then combs her tail. She walks to the bathroom and applies a thick layer of eyeliner, and when she walks out, she just stares at the house she'd built with Catapult in awe. The room was quiet. Only birds chirping from the outside were audible. The lonely mare twirls her hooves as a distraction, then sighs. Tsura grabs a brown cloak from the bedroom, and lowers the hood on her face. The gypsy quietly keeps her head down as she walks into the city with a calm expression.


Toy Sword: Cocky? I'm far from that! I'm a noble stallion! I know I'll be able to handle a gun!


Wheat: *stares at Willow in her arms* You will come will me to the hospital. You'll do great company! Come now! *grabs her keys and walks outside the door with her daughter*

Meadow: *smiles at Wheat, then follows her outside with the baskets of muffins. She turns right, and heads to the opposite direction. The path that lead to the city's school.*
hace más de un año NocturnalMirage said…
Catapult arrives to the school a little early since he's a fast flyer so he has to wait in front of the gate with his kids for a while. He sends the children off to the playground and watches them prance and play with a joyful, proud smile on his face. The kind of smile only fathers could have.
hace más de un año Jade_23 said…
Meadow soon arrives to the school a little later than Catapult. She carries the basket of muffins, but once she sees Catapult standing by the gate, her eyes widen and she tilts her head, confused. She walks near the stallions and settles the basket on the ground, raising a eyebrow at Catapult in awe.

Meadow: Oh, Catapult! It's Catapult, isn't it? What brings you here? This.. This is a school.. *taps her hooves together quietly*