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posted by Twilight_Lilly
this is the story of fabio.
back around 2006 i was in my backyard raking the leaves- then i found a tiny baby chipmunk! my moms a vet so we checked him out, awesomely this little miralce guy lived!! my icono shows a picture of him the first day. he lived to be 3 years old. he died dec. 7. but we went to the pound, (i voulenteer there) and saw a baby st. bernard!!! she was gonna be put to sleep!!!! so we rescued her. her name is duchy, fabio, sage. fabio was a mini version of myself. i remember on my birthday, (halloween) i dressed him up in tiny gloves and a hat. tu see, we wanted to release fabio into the wild but every time we tried, he came back- so we kept him. his inicial was a hámster cage- but he was free to come and go as he pleased. he wasnt a normal ardilla, chipmunk traducción, ardilla rayada because he was human raised. he was kinda like a pet hamster! he was a loving little ball of fur. and even though hes gone. he lives in my corazón forever.