Axiva PTFE Membrane Filters

Authored by rahuldigital

Axiva Sichem Biotech provides best quality <a href="">PTFE membrane filters</a>, this is also called eptfe. It is one of the best combinations of liquid and keeps breathable, with function of water proof, air breathe, even have water proof and oil proof membrane type for choice. A PTFE membrane has a natural hydrophobic, can avert the liquid seepage, but allows the gas through. You can use these membranes in the medical industry, such as fistula bags, urine bags; it can protect the equipment from external liquid pollution. PTFE Membranes have an existence dependent comparative on the level of solids in the sample system. If there are high levels of solid constituent part present the service life can be increased by using a throwaway microfiber filter element as a pre-filter – Classic Filters permutation membrane housing is ideal for this.