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Frostees posted on Jun 01, 2013 at 06:37PM
Anyone wanna roleplay as the canon characters of Monster High? However i do have some guidelines~

- No OOC Drama! I see no sense in it. It is useless. We don’t need it a fun group like this. It is a waste of time. You should come into this group with an open mind toward everyone.

- If you are dropping a character, please notify us. Yes I know life happens and we have to just leave the internet for a couple of days. But tell us if you have to drop a character.

- Ships are not set. Yes all relationships are allowed. The bios will say who is crushing or such but that doesn’t mean these characters have to get together. Cleo could dump Deuce and go for Heath. Or Draculaura doesn’t ask out Clawd. It is all up to you the players.

- No powerplaying/godmodding without the other RPers consent.

- To better keep this group growing, the limit of three characters per person. I know there are some character you just want to play and there are so many of them but please be kind and share.

- Last be not least, this group does allow mature writing. Yes smut is allowed. These are high school students and we never know what will happen behind some doors. If you do not feel comfortable with this, then is group in not for you.

- Paragraphs, paragraphs and paragraphs. Posting a few photos or writing a sentence or to is not RPing. Please try to write and interact with the members.

I know that was a lot to read but hey, if you follow these rules and keep a good attitude then we can all have fun here!

~~~~~~I'll update the list of taken and open characters as we go on.~~~~~~~~~~

Invisibilly - Taken by Frostees
Skelita Calaveras - Taken by Frostees
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hace más de un año Frankiestein65 said…
(Can I join as Frankie?)