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It's quite funny, I first wasn't planning on lectura 'Midnight Sun' because Edward isn't really my favorito! character. But I was really bored and decided to read it.
My favorito! characters are Alice and Jasper and the things the chapters o sentences that were about them, I really liked that in 'Midnight Sun' Also i thought even though Edward isn't my favorito! character he was very good in it.


Now about Alice and Jasper

this moment shows that Jasper is really struggling to keep his thirst under control. I feel really sorry for him. With this...
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I want your honest opinions, like I did with the breaking dawn theories please!!

I shot down the highway at almost one-hundred-miles per hour, to the hospital where Carlisle worked.
I could still taste Bella Swan's scent in the back of my mouth. So sweet, like lavender...or fresia...?
I ground my teeth together, and clamped my hands down hard on the steering wheel, at the same time trying to keep it in one piece.
I needed a distraction. I popped in a Debussy CD, one of my favorites. It did little to calm me, but I was distracted as I tried to find each pattern of música in the songs. I would...
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