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"What the hell are tu doing?!",Thriller asked him grabbing his collar.Dangerous and History separated them whyle Albert and Invincible told Madeline to stay back.Bad released himself and wanted to hit Thriller,but he couldn't,something was not letting him to do it."What are tu thinking of?!Don't tu remember what we discussed?!This is not right,for God's sake!I told tu that I already made my mistake,don't tu make one too!Do tu have any idea how she felt?!We are the same person,but stil 5 diffrent!If she kissed tu after she kissed me it's like cheating,but it's not!And we are going home...
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This is a way of saying to Vevo, we want his videos back. I rewrote I want tu back
No rude commets. I didn't write the whole song.

When Vevo came around
I looked at some vids
Now your deleting MJ videos
Now tu make me sick

Who cares if tu didn't ask
There are some people who care
If tu borrar Scream
I'll through tu in a cage with bears

Oh Vevo give Mike a chance
(We know tu amor him)
Won't tu let us please
(Watch his videos)
Oh Vevo tu are blind to let him go
(Let him go Vevo)
But now since I see tu in Justin's arms
(We want him back)
Yes we do now
(We want him back)
OO OO stupids
(We want him back)...
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