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This michael jackson foto contains concierto.

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The siguiente morning I woke up to the sound of the alarm on my phone.
"Ugh!" I groaned not wanting to get up but I knew that I had to cause I had a big night tonight.
we were going to a fantsay resteraunt somewhere in town cause Jackie texted me last night and told me cause marlon gave him my cell number
so after I finally got out off my comfortable cama I went strait to the bathroom to get ready for tonight even though it was only 9:00 in the morning I was that excited.
so after putting on my eyemakeup and washing up I made my way down stairs in my totally aswesome outfilt and yes I like to get ready...
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Rosabel reluctantly followed Matron Helen into the cold, stone cellar at the bottom of the orphanage. The only things in the cellar were a few chairs, a cupboard and a small table. Rosabel glanced quickly at the thick steel rod into Matron Helen's hand then kept her eyes on her socks. She knew what was coming. Suddenly, she felt a fat hand twist her arm and a segundo later she felt the cold sting of the metal rod smacking her skin. It happened nineteen más times and each time Rosabel screamed for help, even though she was sure that no one could hear her. Eventually, Matron Helen stopped beating...
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posted by flinn123jacko
it was 5 am, but in MJJ studio, its already job time.
there was patricia and her best friend michael jackson. sitting while waiting for the siguiente scene.
they've been best friends for más like 7 years. and never get mad at each other.yet.

"hey pat, could tu help me with something???" michael asked

"sure. and stop calling me pat. my nickname is cece" patricia said.

"but i like it...." he said

"just stop it okay...."


"i'm not listening........"


"say shamone again and i will kick your butt"

"fine.. cece"

"okay.. what do tu want me to do again"

"oh ya, i want tu to come with...
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Maria hola hola eh eh hola Maria
Maria don't tu hear me calling Maria
Maria girl tu know tu were the only one
Hey hola eh eh hola Maria
Maria don't tu miss me a little
Maria after all tu were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Maria come on back to me girl
Hey hola hola eh hola Maria
Maria it's been long so long oh
Maria since you've been gone
Eh eh eh eh eh Maria
Maria don't tu need me just a little
Maria 'cause honest girl tu were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Oh come on back to me girl

Oh Maria oh baby I need tu mmm mmm
Maria why why d'you keep a-running away
Oh baby tu keep a-running...
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Background Info
Written por Michael Sembello, MJ originally recorded this song for his 1982 album, Thriller, but failed to make the final track listing when "Human Nature" was chosen instead.

It's also known as 'Circus Girl'.

It was unreleased until October 2001, when an edited version was added to the expanded, special edition of the Thriller album as one of the three bonus tracks.

Full version por Michael can be found on the Italian Edition of the "King Of pop - Best Of Album" released in october 2008.

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The Lyrics
She's from a world
Of palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz and candy
Pony rides...
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