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This michael jackson foto contains signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, and letrero. There might also be gafas de sol, gafas oscuras, sombras, tonos, caramelo, bonbon, descanso para tomar café, rotura de té, pausa para el café, pausa para el té, coffe break, and pausa de té.

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as michael and marie start to take a walk around neverland to check if the rides are all good they start to talk about what are there favorito! things to do and what they like to do for fun as michael starts to talk about what are his favorito! rides and what he likes to do for fun marie starts to drift off and start to think she cant believe that she's hanging out with michael jackson and not a fake one that's trying to be him as marie starts to smile michael starts to wonder why she's smiling so he askes her she tells him that she is so excited to be hanging out with him and that she's so happy...
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*Nine Months Later*

"Good job, tu guys! That was an amazing show!" I dicho to all my brothers as we gave brotherly hugs before we were to end the night. I was exhausted but I had to stay up long enough to get to my hotel room and call Taylor. "You too, Michael. tu were amazing. Good job, lil' bro. tu did good." dicho Tito. We all stood in a circulo, círculo and gave one big group hug for the night and then we went our separate ways to go to our hotels. For some reason, and I don't understand, we are all staying in separate hotels. I don't get it but I honestly don't care. All I cared abou was getting...
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posted by michaeljsgirl
"Excuse me, is this asiento taken?" Michael asked her, his voice quivering now. She dicho nothing, but motioned for him to sit. Michael smiled nervously at her & she in return raised one eyebrow in a suspicious manner. "What's your name?" Michael asked after a brief period of silence. "Chloe." she replied. "Nice to meet you, Chloe, I'm Michael." The uneasy feeling in his stomach had manifested itself in his words. Chloe looked at Michael & again raised her eyebrow. The aura which she produced was one of indecipherable emotions that were running all too high. Another long silence ensued....
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As I was walking, my mouth was wide open. I couldn't believe what I heard. " Summer? Snap out of it!" My friend Denise said, snapping her fingers in my face.

" Wait, huh?" I asked, shaking my head. Had I heard right? Denise cleared her throat. " Summer, it'll be okay, we'll find your father somehow."

Somehow. That word pricked at my skin like a knife. What if I DON'T FIND MY DAD? He could be anymore, possibly in trouble, longing to be at inicial with his family.

My two other best friends, Kim and Mickey were walking with me. " Summer, your dad is a Platinum Superstar, how could he disappear like...
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posted by KikiKool1983

I rolled up my arco iris socks and laced up my rolling skates. Mom came in and looked at my socks. " Summer Marie Jackson! What are tu wearing?" she asked.

I looked at her and gave a sly smile. " Ma! The theme for the rolling skating party is arco iris Bright." I said, examining myself in the mirror. She let out a crackly laugh. " I don't know what I'll do with tu Summer!"

Looking at the mirror, I sighed. I looked like a My Little poni, pony mixed with a 70s Reject! I had on a arco iris Tie Dye camisa, camiseta with Purple Shorts. Complete with a bright naranja Newsboy gorra, cap with a rosado, rosa Pom Pom on top.

I went to the rolling skating rink and had the time of my life! Though what I found out after I left might change my life forever.....
"It feels so nice to have some time to myself." Michael thought. He had had his hands tied due to a reciente death in the family; he was in charge of most of the funeral preparations & on parte superior, arriba of that, he hadn't been feeling too well lately. But today was different, it was the first time in nearly two weeks that he could leave his apartment for some personal time. Little did he know where that "personal time" was going to take him today.

It was going on eleven when Michael arrived at the kiosk, & ordered a large black coffee. As he was waiting, Michael noticed a young woman sitting alone...
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