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 Happy as he could be
Happy as he could be
A año and a half later
Aislinn was offered a full time job at the "Never Grow Up and Smile" orphanage. She took it and called the cena theater where she usually worked and told them that she has to work part time at the theater. They told her that it was alright with them. She hung up and smiled. (Me: I bet your wondering where Michael is, aren't you?) Michael was finishing up his tour. He had one last mostrar and that was back in Gary. He was excited to visit his old inicial town, but at the same time nervous
At the orphanage
Aislinn was now called 'Madame Aislinn', although she didn't mind being called just Aislinn. She still worked in the kitchen, 'cuz everyone knows how well she can cook. One day, Taylor went up to her. "Aislinn, what are we eating tonight???" She asked her. "I don't know. Let's look and see, alright, Taylor? Wanna help if tu find out?" Aislinn told her. She nodded her head. Taylor was such a little helper. They looked around the cocina and found a few things. "How about we make it a surprise?" Aislinn asked and Taylor was giggling. "Alright, Aislinn!" They started gathering the same ingredients and started making the surprise dinner.
While mixing
Taylor brought up Michael. "Michael came to visit tu a lot since tu worked here, Aislinn." Aislinn blushed a little bit, but she knew he'd do that all the time. "You noticed?" "Yeah, and I can tell he loves tu very much, Aislinn. Do tu think he'll propose to you?" "I don't know, Taylor...maybe he will, maybe he won't. Depending if he's ready o not. I don't know how his mind works." Taylor giggled at Aislinn's response. They continued working on the surprise cena for her, Diane, and Ann.
Dinner Time
Aislinn called out from the kitchen. "Ann! Diane! It's time for dinner!" She heard them call back. "We'll be right down, Madame Aislinn!" She shook her head. She was used to it, but it still sounded weird. Taylor just had to ask, mainly because she wanted to know where she lived. "Where are tu living at, Aislinn?" Aislinn turned to her and knelt down to her height. "I live with Michael. Don't tell Ann o Diane, ok? I want it to be a surprise for them." Taylor nodded and she pretended to zip her lips. Aislinn nodded and heard the girls running down the stairs and into the kitchen. They were all dressed up, just like Aislinn dicho they should. She smiled at them and got their cena ready for them. "Here tu go, girls. A surprise dinner, made por me and Taylor." They started eating and their eyes went wide. "This is really good!!! What is it?" "Its curry. Made from a Japanese recipe I know. It'll fill tu up. Trust me." They seemed to like it, no weird faces, nothing. Just a big old smile on their faces. The whole time they were eating, she had been thinking of Michael. 'I wonder how he's doing? Well, it's Michael. He's probably doing fine. Then again...' She thought, looking at her phone and realized she had a text message from him. She opened it up and read it. It said: Hey baby, I'm still thinking of you. :) I hope your still thinking of me. I amor tu and I'll be por later to pick tu up. I'm on my way back to Los Angeles. Again, amor you, my sweet. She smiled and replied to the message. "Alrighty, hun. See tu once tu get here. tu gotta tell me all about what happened during the tour. amor tu too, my applehead XD." She dicho silently to herself while escritura the text and sent it to him.
Later that night
Madame June came in and called the kids to bed. "Girls, its time for bed." She said. They whined, but went upstairs and got ready for bed. "I'll be up there in a minuto to read tu girls a cama time story, ok?" Aislinn called. They quickly went up to change while Aislinn went to cleaning the dishes. Madame June followed her into the kitchen. "You like them, don't you?" "They are like my little sisters, Madame June. They act like they haven't seen me in years. But I amor them. They are like family." Once she was done washing the dishes and put them away, she headed up stairs to read the girls a story, like she promised. She walked in their room and smiled. "You girls ready for a story?" They gathered around her with their stuffed animals, their pillows, and their blankets. Aislinn sat down cross-legged, letting her falda drop between her legs. "Would tu guys like to hear 'Peter Pan' o 'The Little Mermaid'?" She simultaneously heard 'Little Mermaid' and she giggled. "Alright, alright. Little Mermaid it is." Then she started lectura out of the story book. She could tell they loved this story.
After the story ended
She ended the story and saw that the girls were asleep. She kissed their heads and walked to the door and took one last look at them before she left. "Goodnight girls...may tu get sweet dreams tonight." Then she walked out of the room and downstairs to read something herself until Michael arrived to get her. She took out Moonwalk and started where she left off.
After she got to the end of the chapter, she closed the book and looked at the time. As if on cue, a knock came on the door. Madame June opened the door and saw Michael. "Hello, Michael. Here for Aislinn?" He smiled and nodded. "Yes. Is she here?" "She's in the living room. Please come in." "Thank you, Madame June." He walked in and walked into the living room. Aislinn saw him and smiled and stood up with Moonwalk in her hands. "Ready to go home, Aislinn?" "Yes I am, Michael. But first, tu don't mind if tu go see the girls and wish them pleasant dreams, would you?" "I won't mind that at all." They walked up the stairs and into the girls' room and he saw them asleep. He went up to each of them and kissed their heads. "Goodnight, girls. Pleasant dreams should come to tu tonight." He tucked their blankets under them a bit and walked out of the room. Aislinn looked at him. "You are good with kids, tu know that?" He smiled at her and kissed her. "I know. Let's let them sleep and head on home, ok?" She nodded and they headed back downstairs, hand in hand, and out the door. "See tu tomorrow, Aislinn." Madame June dicho as she walked out the door. Aislinn turned to her and smiled. "See tu tomorrow, Madame June." Then the door closed and they walked to the car. She got in the passenger side and Michael got in the driver side and he started the car and drove off. "Have tu eaten anything yet, Aislinn?" He asked. "Not really, Michael. I just cooked for the girls and Taylor helped." "Oh? What did tu cook?" "Curry with some ingredients around the kitchen. They loved it." Michael smiled. "Well, I made us something special earlier." Aislinn looked at him in shock. "Can tu tell me what it is??" He shook his head. "Can't tell you. It'll ruin the surprise, baby." She playfully pouted the whole way back home. Michael just chuckled at her pouty face.
Back at the house
Michael and Aislinn finally arrived and they got out of the car and went to the door. Michael miraculously pulled out a bandanna and covered Aislinn's eyes. "Hey! What's this for??" She asked, all confused. Michael chuckled and led her inside. "Its a part of the surprise I have for you." She just went with it and he led her to the dining room. He had to make sure the lights were dimmed and the candles were lit and the mesa, tabla was all set up just the way he wanted it to be. He made sure the wine was out and so were the wine glasses and their plates were set. He went back to Aislinn and got ready to uncover her eyes. "Ready to see it, Aislinn?" He asked her. She nodded. "Yes I'm ready." He also had to make sure his camisa, camiseta wasn't all the way buttoned up, just unbuttoned a couple buttons off the top. He grabbed the back of the blindfold and untied it, letting it drop. Aislinn opened her eyes and was in shock. She covered her mouth. "Oh...my...god...its beautiful. How did tu come up with this, Michael?" She looked at Michael and he was mischievously smiling. "I had this night planned just for us. One romantic dinner, like our first date, but enhanced just a bit." She went over to him and hugged him. He hugged back. She looked at him. "I amor it. Just as much as I amor you, Michael." He smiled and they leaned in and kissed. They released the kiss and went over to the table. He pulled out her chair and she sat down. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "You wanna know the other reason why I did this?" She turned to him and nodded. He sat down siguiente to her and pulled out a card and a little present. She gasped. "How did tu know it was my birthday?" He smiled at her. "Cory told me. She was nice enough to tell me this when she was dating Chris Tucker." Aislinn giggled and never thought Cory would fecha a hothead like Chris Tucker. She's not gonna get enough of him, that's for sure. She will never be tired of him at all. Michael handed her the card and she opened it. It was homemade and very colorful. She read it aloud. "Aislinn, there are a few things that come in a girls life that must be accounted for. 1. A job. 2. Money. 3. A roof over your head. 4. Hm...what was number 4? Oh yeah." She saw a little sign that dicho 'open card now' and she opened the card and continued lectura it. "Loving girls that will always think of tu as their sister...and a loving boyfriend. Love, Diane, Ann, Taylor, and especially, Michael." She turned to Michael and hugged him. "Thank you, Michael. This is really sweet. Did tu tell them to make me this card?" "Yeah, and they let me help them out with it." Aislinn looked like she was gonna cry any minute. She was so happy. Michael then handed her the present. She looked at him, then started opening the present. She carefully unwrapped the box and looked at it. He nodded for her to open it and she did. She looked inside and she saw the most beautiful collar she had ever seen. Now she really wanted to cry. Michael took it out of the box and placed it around her neck and kissed her neck and looked at her. "Happy birthday, Aislinn." She felt tears running down her cheeks and kissed Michael. "Thank tu so much, Michael. tu really are something." He chuckled. "I know, love." Then they took their wine glasses and made a toast. "To us. May our lives be combined as one. Happy birthday, Aislinn, my love." They clinked their glasses and started drinking from them. They placed them down and started eating their dinner. He told her about the tour and she told him about work. Hey, they had to exchange something, right? Why not things about work?
After dinner
Michael had another surprise for Aislinn and that was in the room. He knew how much she loved his 'Billie Jean' outfit, so secretly he had one specially made for her and hidden in his closet. "Ready for your other surprise, Aislinn?" "Another one? Well, alright, Michael." Michael guided her to the room and had her wait por the cama and close her eyes. She was a bit confused, but did as she was told. Michael went to the closet and pulled out the specially made 'Billie Jean' outfit and held it in front of him. He went in front of Aislinn. "Open your eyes, Aislinn. Here's your siguiente surprise." Aislinn uncovered her eyes and saw the 'Billie Jean' outfit and covered her mouth. She stood up and looked at it. She looked at Michael. "Did tu do this? For me?" "I know how much tu loved my 'Billie Jean' outfit I wore on Motown 25, so I asked them to make one that fit you." "Oh, Michael..." She took it, placed it on the cama and hugged him. "It's beautiful! Thank tu so much!" She looked him in the eyes. "How can I ever repay you, Michael?" "I can think of one way." She smiled and kissed him. The lights dimmed and made it seem más romantic. Petals magically fell from the ceiling of the room, candles were lit, the whole shebang. It was a very romantic night for them. (Me: No, there was no nudity involved. Sorry for those who were waiting for that moment, but MJ dicho that he's a gentleman, so yeah. Keeping it that way for this.)
 The collar he gave her :)
The necklace he gave her :)
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