Melina Kanakaredes Gosh, this is SO weird (about PJatO)

OmgItsRaid posted on Mar 17, 2010 at 02:59AM
I remember a few years ago (2007, maybe?) I read the whole series, and then the next year or two, I got all excited when there was a movie going out. I looked up the cast, looking at them, seeing if they were right for the cast (most of the maybe). I remember focusing on Athena, because she was my absolute favorite Greek goddess. (This was the time I never even heard of CSI: NY, thus not hearing of Melina K.) I saw Melina's name, searched in google images ("what a long last name!").
Then now, a year later, when I started liking CSI: NY, I decided to look at the cast of Percy Jackson again (it was at the point where a lot of people knew, but it wasn't that popular yet). I, of course, looked at Athena, and clicked on Melina's IMDB page. I saw her casted as Stella Bonasera on CSI: NY, and this was my reaction:
"Waiit, Stella is Melina Kanakaredes, playing Athena in Percy Jackson? WHAAAT?!" And then I rememberd the two years ago when I searched up her name.
It's weird because I my favorite actress is playing my favorite Greek goddess.
I'd thought I'd just like to share it with you all :P

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hace más de un año HouseAddict87 said…
Haha that's cool!