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posted by klauslover13
It was early November of 2010. The cast of "Doctor Who" was still filming in New York, so our story begins late at night in Rockefeller Park when every one of the cast and crew was asleep except two cast members sitting on a bench. They were known as Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Now these two friends and co-stars were gazing at the stars, when Matt suddenly asked, "Hey Kaz, when's your birthday?"

Karen looked at Matt and answered, "November 28. Why?"

"That makes tu a Sagittarius, as I'm sure tu already know."

"No, I didn't actually."

Matt looked at her in shock. "You mean tu didn't know tu were...
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 Cardiff here we come!
Cardiff here we come!
Dr Who estrella Matt Smith and his assistants are returning to Cardiff to switch on the navidad lights.

He will be joined on Wednesday evening por actors Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, who play Amy Pond and her TV husband Rory.

Smith is filming his segundo series - much of which is shot in and around Cardiff - as the 11th incarnation of the Time Lord for BBC Wales.

The switch-on takes place on King Edward VII Avenue at 1940 GMT.

Smith said: "It's a real honour to be asked to switch on Cardiff's navidad lights because the city has become like a segundo inicial to not only me, but the rest of the Doctor...
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posted by criminalminds15
“We went through the sort of, milestones together. The first read through,
our first día on set, then we got our first block finished. We’ve had these really huge things in life that we’re sharing.”

(On filming 'The Beast Below') “It was so fun! Me and Matt were just messing around most of the time, throwing cabbage at each other.”

“We’ve grown closer every day. I’m quite fond of her, actually, it has to be said.”

Matt: Hi! No one cares about your silly bedroom.
Karen: *throws almohada at him*

Matt: You’re a bit prettier in the game.
Karen: I knew that was coming.
Karen: I think they’ve been a bit generous to Matt. He’s got a bit off a structured jaw, which isn’t really there.
Matt: Let’s not go there.

And tu wonder why we amor them?
 Fearne caught up with Matt & Karen...
Fearne caught up with Matt & Karen...
Matt and Karen had a very busy día on the 8 of November. First they had to go on ITV 1's Daybreak, then they had to pop por the BBC studios to registrarse Radio 1 Dj Fearne Cotton, then popped into Radio 2, then finnally they had to sign copies of their latest DVD's!

Fearne interviewed the pair and they seemed to enjoy the interview. Matt announced to Fearne and Karen that he found Karen 'a bit odd' when he first met her. Fearne replied back saying "I hope that's a compliment!"

She asked them about filming and how the series was coming along the trio seemed to have a great time!
posted by klauslover13
The last día of filming for Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill was a distressing and despondent one. It was 4:30 in the morning on Saturday morning, and only one person was on the set of "Doctor Who," and that one person was Matt Smith.

Matt Smith couldn't sleep at all Friday night, one reason due to his despondent mood, and another because he couldn't take his mind off of Karen Gillan. He had had a crush on her since their first script reading, and now that she was leaving along with Arthur Darvill, the set would never be the same.

Matt was suddenly surprised when he heard someone say, "Matt, what...
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 Matt: "I won't let it happen"
Matt: "I won't let it happen"
I thought that this was so cute when I read it. Im sure we were all wondering how Matt felt felt about all those 'Amy Pond might die' rumours, well here's what he had to say....

Digital Spy publicado this

Matt Smith has denied reciente media reports that his Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan will leave the sci-fi mostrar after the upcoming sixth series.

Speaking to The Belfast Telegraph, Smith stated that the bond between the current incarnation of The Doctor and Gillan's character Amy Pond is too strong to sever after only two years.

"She can't die, Amy Pond can't die. No way, I'd be sad. I'd miss Karen,"...
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 Matt and Karen at SDCC july 2011
Matt and Karen at SDCC july 2011
Doctor Who, BBC's cult science-fiction drama about a time-travelling humanoid alien known as the Doctor, is 48-years-old.

Matt Smith, the Doctor's latest physical incarnation, is 28. And a youthful 28 at that. In person, the one-time English football prospect - he's a supporter of Blackburn Rovers - is highenergy and affable, with a tendency to bounce up and down with impulsive excitement, as though, like the character he plays on television, each thought comes hurtling at him out of the blue.

He's tall, too. The TV screen often masks actors' real height. Smith's actuación partner in Doctor Who,...
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posted by ladychazabc
Does anybody notice that the newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ are always the first newspaper to mention Matt Smith and margarita Lowe in public and their outings like ALL the time? And put headlines such as ‘Matt and margarita cuddle up in the sun’ o ‘Looks who’s all loved up’ I don’t care! And they always post pics of them besar and hugging each other

But the thing I hate even más is that they always say and mention bad things about Karen Gillan, such as what she’s wearing is horrible, about her drunk nights out and the whole reciente story about her being found nude in a NYC hotel? I...
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 "I see nothing wrong with celebrating women and their sexiness"
"I see nothing wrong with celebrating women and their sexiness"
Matt Smith has dicho that he sees nothing wrong with his Doctor Who co-star Karen Gillan's short skirts.

Gillan was criticised por some for supposedly being too sexy in the role of Amy Pond. She reprised her kissogram policewoman outfit in this year's navidad special.

Speaking to Now, Smith said: "I know those short skirts caused a furore but I say bring them on. I see nothing wrong with celebrating women and their sexiness.

"There's absolutely nothing exploitative o demeaning about it."

The series premiere of Smith's first año as the Doctor was last week named as the most-watched programme on BBC iPlayer in 2010.
posted by ladychazabc
 Sure there's nothing else going on?...
Sure there's nothing else going on?...
the giggling never stops, and there are so many in-jokes flying around at the Buzz cover shoot that we're starting to feel like we're playing gooseberry. We've joined the Doctor and Amy just after they've finished filming the Doctor Who navidad special.
Matt and Karen only met last año when they became the youngest ever duo to play the iconic roles of the time lord and his assistant Amy Pond. But it won't be long before they secure their place as one of our classiest and yes, sexiest on-screen double acts. It's no surprise they've become so close so quickly, giving...
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posted by klauslover13
Dear Kaz,
Your eyes are as green as emeralds,
Shining brightly when the sun bears its lights upon them.
Your hair is as red as fire,
One that can never be o ever want to be put out por someone.
You're as mad as a box of cats,
Funny in every way and everyday.
You're a firecracker,
Surprising everyone with everything tu do.
It's like you're from another planet,
For what tu do in every way is foreign.
Your amor struck co-star,
Matt Smith

I would like to thank all of tu for letting me post this as well as another story I have written. I was actually nervous about posting on here, but I have calmed a little, and I hope that tu enjoyed my stories.
“Matt has also taken to hiding in my trailer and I’ll go in, humming to myself, and then he’ll just jump out at me and shout”, giggles Karen. “The first time he did it was hilarious because he scared me so much that I fell backwards against the muro and slid down it! He also has an annoying habit of filming me when I fall asleep, while in make-up in the mornings, and it’s a hideous sight – I’m not going to lie!” continues Karen. “Arthur eggs him on and the pair of them gang up but don’t worry, I give as good as I get. Although it’s brilliant when Alex Kingston is around because she knows how to handle them!”

- Karen