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matt bomer Who's your favourite character that Matt has portrayed?

17 fans picked:
Neal Caffrey (White Collar)
Ken (Magic Mike)
Cooper Anderson (Glee)
arrendajo, arrendajo, jay Burchell (Traveler)
Bryce Larkin (Chuck)
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Ben Reade (Guiding Light
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Henry Hamilton (In Time)
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Eric (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-The Beginning)
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Luc Johnston (Tru Calling)
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Donovan (American Horror Story)
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 CaKeFan posted hace más de un año
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CaKeFan picked Neal Caffrey (White Collar):
I also like Ken and I now have a thing for Bryce Larkin :) I am yet to see Matt's other roles which I am sure I will love. I also like Cooper :)
posted hace más de un año.