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It's finally here my Marski Fanfic![Well, Chapter One]

Kowalski:Hello Marlene, why do tu look so sad ?

Marlene:Oh hi Kowalski, Skipper asked me to go on a fecha and after only one fecha he broke up with me he dicho "You are defiantly not the one for me tu are to girly for me".

Kowalski:Oh so that was what Skipper was doing last night.Well, I..I..I um...

Marlene:Don't be shy Kowalski.

Kowalski:OK, I.. *tapping his flippers nervously and blushing*I.. like tu there I dicho it. mean like as a friend?

Kowalski:No I mean like you.

Marlene:That's what I hoped*smiles and blushes*.

Kowalski:*smiles back and blushes*Well... Skipper is probably wondering where I am. Meet me at my lab for lunch if tu can ?

Marlene:OK meet tu there.

Stay tuned for Chapter Two!
posted by anna447
as marlene was resting she hured a voice
skipper:kowalski if tu want to ask her ask her
kowalski:can this whit till towmaro
skipper:no*shoves kowalski* ask marlene out if tu amor her so mucth
marlene hured the whole thing and blushed for she didn't know till now kowalski had a crush on her.she wacthed as kowalski walked out of the bush.
kowalski:marlene hi
marlene:I hured the whole thing with tu like likeing me
kowalski:oh that well I was just woundering if tu prefore a date?
marlene:I would amor to
marlene kissed kowalski on the cheek
kowalski and marlene:Its a fecha then
posted by monsy38
Flora o Flower?

Marlene was enjoying a sunny día out. The sky was a stunning blue with clouds so white they might just been bleached. The sun let free the perfect amount of warmth, the air was so fresh and clean it was as if tu didn’t even need to breathe and it just went inside you.
It, was so nice out in fact, that even Julien had decided to nothing but relax that day. At the moment, Marlene was watering her rose bush. She had planted it from some seeds Alice had left lying around after the Zoo Beautification Plan. With all of the tender care that Marlene had dado to it, the rose bush...
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