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This amor fondo de pantalla contains atardecer amanecer, puesta de sol, and amanecer. There might also be fuego, llamas, infierno, fuego, complejo, complejo hotelero, complejo de vacaciones, complejo turístico, centro turístico, centro vacacional, resort, hotel resort, and complejo vacacional.

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posted by AlizeeCruz
Thou art perfection, though thou hast imperfection,
For thou art human, and humanity itself is an imperfection.
Only ángeles could compare with thee,
For thou art más perfect than the fullest moon,
Than a cresting wave,
Than the sun on a summers day.
Thine perfection doth surpass that of the Whale's song,
And the Kingfishers dart,
The clear blue Sky,
And the pure white Hart.
It reaches beyond the Stars,
And into the Earth,
And blessed was the día of thy birth,
For thou hast now stunned my lips to fail,
Thou art worth más to me, than to any Christian a hundred thousand Holy Grails.
And thine perfection shall...
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