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NinjaMinkey posted on Feb 21, 2008 at 09:06AM
Hi everybody my name is Alex and I'm finally going to visit England in May. I don't really want to do the whole tourist thing, I just want to soak up the culture. So I was wondering if anybody had any advice.(I'm really bad at planing:P)
Thanks alot !

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hace más de un año JustMe7 said…
Definitely try and take a ride on the London Eye. It's got a beautiful view over the Rive Thames and London- great picture taking! I recommend that you buy tickets in advance tohugh, as the qeues are very long! Trips to Madame Tussauds and the London Dungeons are great as well.

Don't forget to stop of at Buckingham Palace and spot the soldiers in their big, furry hats and uniforms. Also, the museums in London are great! The Science Museum and Royal Observatory are good ones- the Royal Observatory has a massive hill next to it and beautiful surroundings.

The London Zoo is good as well- and don't forget to dine at one of the restaurants for a taste of Britain!

Enjoy your visit! =)
hace más de un año SexyNo8 said…
don't go to london zoo! the animals hav gone and all there is to see is monkeys! go to oxford street and the kings road a if you like shopping andif you like art and design visit the V & A, the tate modern, tate britain, national portrait gallery,and if you like buildings and architecture go to the gherkin, st pauls, the tower of london, go to borough market (london bridge tube station) and all that. it'll be great
hace más de un año emma-jeff said…
If you go to the London Dungeon make sure you drink alot because it's all underground and when I went there on a day trip I fainted because it was so hot! :D

Make sure you visit all the old historical sights like the tower of London and all that kinda stuff. An open top bus ride would be good aswell but they can be a rip off. Hope you enjoy your trip :D