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Ahh! Need help!

Ok, so halloween is coming soon so i want to be gótico lolita but heres the thing:

1. Im a little low on money so the highest i guess i could spend is 50-60$

2. I dont know where to buy these clothes cuz web sites ive been on have everything sold out.

3.I dont know allll the things i need.

4. The clothes have to be real not fake!

5. I have to have the clothes before halloween.

6. I need to know what/all the hair products they use (without dying my hair blackcuz i have dark brown)

And 7. possibly a wig -just in case my short hair wont do- which it might not.

So please if tu could help that would be great! Sites, stores (U.S. i dont live in Japan), brands, whatever, would be gratefully apprieciated (spelled wrong XD )



PS: Pic of Amy (not how I want to look but it kinda looks like goth lolita, doesnt it? Well, I think so)

 Ahh! Need help!
 Aisuanime posted hace más de un año
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mychem_totheend said:
There's a good chinese import site called milanoo. It's wholesale, so the prices are really low. I've ordered from there before, and it's great quality, authentic lolita. I got my order pretty fast, too, but if tu want it before halloween tu should order as soon as tu can.
Just go to and click on "Lolita Clothing." They have dresses, blouses, skirts, bloomers, and footwear. tu can also click on a certain price range that tu want to look at. If tu sign up to receive emails from them, tu get info about any sales they have. They have pretty good sales sometimes.

As for what tu need for the look:
1. falda and blouse, o a dress.
2. matching thigh o knee lenth socks (mine are black and white striped thigh highs)
3. dressy shoes (if u can't spend the money right now, some cheap black mary janes would do. o any black heels u have, if they match. I just wear converse with mine)
4. whatever other accessories u want. necklaces, bracelts, chokers, etc. lacy headbands are common in lolita, too. anything that u like that matches with the rest of what ur wearing. u could try hot topic o claire's.

I wouldn't worry about a wig, unless tu can find a good one. Just straightening your hair with a flat iron would be good. I spray a little tre semme heat protection spray on my hair before I straighten it. When i finish, I spray a little Aussie leave in conditioner on my hands and then comb it through my hair with my fingers. Then just comb it straight and neat. o tu could curl it if tu want, with straight bangs, but I'm not sure how to perfect that look.

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posted hace más de un año 
Thank tu sooo much! X)
Aisuanime posted hace más de un año
No prob ^_^ hope it helps
mychem_totheend posted hace más de un año
dgray-girl said:
another good comprar is
the lolita there is gorgeous and very cheap, dresses are all under 55 US dollars =3
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posted hace más de un año 
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