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posted by Marth911
hi am goten and I konw alot about my family and I am going to tell tu about them.I am going to sarted with bardock. bardock was a low lavled sayn but as him and the othere sayns were getting stronger fizeza was worryed about a surpper sayn long story sorted he killed all the sayns on the plant and also killed bardock. now ratized he was on a missing and was saved but was killed por daddy and pitalo for trying to stell my brother . daddy was a babby went he crashed on earth and went brother was born they meet vegeta and nappa.and there is tralesed who looks like daddy and I think that his relrelated to me and then there is me I them the saced son of goku and chichi. my bested frind is trunks bref and that is all I know about my family bey by.