Leyton Family<3 Some Of My Favorito! Bohemian Rhapsody Frases ; Your Favorite? (Full Frases In Comments)

Pick one:
"My throat feels like a vulture's crotch."
"Wembley doesn't have a roof." "Then we'll puñetazo, ponche a hole in the sky."
"I fired him." "On what pretext?" "Villainy."
"No looking back. Only forward."
"Formulas are a complete and utter waste of time."
"Roger, there's only room in this band for one hysterical queen."
"What do we think of David?" "Nice chap." "I think he's gay."
"We know what we have, even if tu don't. It's called Bohemian Rhapsody."
"If any of tu fuss about it o frown about it, o worst of all, if tu bore...
"So, tell me, Rog, what's the sexiest part of a car?"
 rachel713 posted hace 7 meses
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