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Leyton Family<3 [copying Bee] my parte superior, arriba 20 tv shows ; the male character I think I'date , which do tu agree with the most ? {11-15}

10 fans picked:
#15; Dean Winchester ♥
#11; Alex Karev ♥
#12; Cooper Freedman ♥
#13; Dawson Leery ♥
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#14; Robert Mc Calister ♥
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 AdeTiffSan posted hace más de un año
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AdeTiffSan picked #15; Dean Winchester ♥:
#11 Alex Karev
Well no need to say one more time that Alex is undoubtedly my favorite from GA above all the characters. Behind his bad boy face, he's caring and loving. And it's for me the most handsome from the show.

#12 Cooper Freedman
I have a lot in common with him and he's for sure the character I'm the most like in the show. Cooper is devoted to the ones he loves, he's everything I love in a man. He loves children as much as I do and he's definitely my favorite character from PrP.

#13 Dawson Leery
As surprising as it may seem, I'm one of those rare fans of Dawson's Creek who loves Dawson/Dawson and Joey more than Pacey/Pacey and Joey. He's physically definitely more of my type and I love how passionate he is! Plus, I love his romantic side.

#14 Robert Mc Calister
If I could date someone in this show, it's definitely Kevin but since he's more than gay, that won't happen (not that with Robert it will but I'm sure you all see my point here :)) ! Anyway, Robert is the best looking guy on the show (after Kevin sure), he's a politician AND I absolutely love this character !

#15 Dean Winchester
Do I even need to say that Dean is my all-time favorite male character ! He's like my man, I love him so much. I don't think I'd date a man like him in real but he's perfection for me <3
posted hace más de un año.