Left 4 Dead Funniest/Most Epic Left 4 Dead moments

Excentrique posted on Feb 13, 2009 at 05:58PM
Ok I thought it would be fun to swap some stories of your best moments playing.

One of mine was when me and a friend were playing. A Hunter tried to pounce on me and I punched him in the face before he got me and started to shoot him. He leaped and I hit him again. Then he tried to run away, not leap but run, so I ran after him and kept punching him till I killed him XD

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hace más de un año AUSHEDGEHOG said…
Mine was when me,my brother,and his friend Carl GLITCHED A WITCH SHE WAS FROZEN XD
hace más de un año GONZOLAND said…
I got far to many good time moments from L4D to mention.
But apart from the rant from a young net troll(see vids here i have added it "OMG you kiss your mom with that mouth").
The best moment from L4D was my total team kill on mercy hospital,because it was the only time i have ever knocked all 4 members off the top without any left hanging.
The time in L4D2 when i killed a afk tank with frying pan...lolz.
hace más de un año InvadaMiz said…
When im playing zoey the hunters and smokers only get me!!!!!!!!!!!