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I have noticed that many people are asking such a question: is learning Chinese difficult? Maybe they already defined that Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages in the world. However, if tu take the time to really learn the language and culture, tu will likely find it is earsier to learn Chinese than tu thought.
One thing that may cause people to think they cannot learn Chinese is the Chinese alphabet. Most people imagine the pictogram characters when they think of escritura in Chinese. For individuals accustomed to the Roman alphabet, the highly stylized characters can be...
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Learn Chinese Culture Course : Elementary Level

After learning Chinese Pinyin systematically, tu will know Chinese language very well and also establish a framework of understanding Chinese language as a whole. tu would learn 300 Chinese words and 120 useful sentences, in that case, tu are capable of carrying on basic conversation with Chinese people, and even express your needs por yourself. Meanwhile, tu could also understand some culture knowledge in China, such as Chinese martial arts, calligraphy, food, traditional festivals, so and so forth.

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Prologue:Hello everyone, welcome to registrarse Chinese cast to learn Chinese. I’m a Chinese teacher Lily from link eChineseLearning offers online, one-on-one, live Chinese lessons! tu can have a free trial lesson at:www.echineselearning.com! Enjoy your Chinese lesson with our best Chinese teacher!
Christmas is coming; have tu prepared your navidad gifts? If tu are in china, tu should know some special things when tu give present to your Chinese friends. Ok. Listen to this dialogue.
Sheng4 dan4 jie2 wo3 yao4 qu4 nan2 peng2...
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This video features lots of repetitions of the words. It also includes a lovely Chinese children’s song and an amusing Chinese nursery rhythm to help tu relate the words with the context.
learn chinese
chinese class
I think it is very useful to learn Chinese Mandarin in China and chinese kung fu.
Since China is known to be the most influential economic world power today, más and más people are mostrando greater interest in working and doing business with China on a más than regular basis. In order to achieve this, one have to learn the language and study the Chineseculture in order to have a better understanding.

To learn china kung fu to defend and protect yourself and it is good way to link
in shaolin way in china linkor cool mountain.

This trend, of being Mandarin fluent, is seen all around the world where...
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Miracle Mandarin Language School, Shanghai College of International Education, from año 2004, is a well established Chinese language school based in Shanghai.
With a team of Chinese Language teaching experts, the school specializes in Teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to expatriates and international students.
The school offers 3 to 6 months short term intensive Chinese program, 1 mes crash course, long term Chinese program, total immersion Chinese program, summer program and corporate language program.
The school provides legal documents for qualified student to get...
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Easy way to learn speaking Chinese

In term of "speed, useful and practical", we designed this course "24 Hours Chinese" which can help learners feel Chinese language environment, improve the skills of Chinese listening and speaking, meanwhile students also can know several necessary knowledge of working and studying in China. This course not only can improve your Chinese language knowledge but also can promote your capacity for Chinese language management. It is on the basis of life, and can mostrar an entire real life in China for you.

Scene 1: Greetings!

Scene 2: Thank you!

Scene 3: I am Bill.

Scene 4: Today is monday.

Scene 5: Go to Guomao please!

Scene 6: I want beef.

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With the rise of China as an economic and cultural global power, más people than ever are seeking to master the Chinese language. However, with the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is difficult for people going to school to have the Chinese lessons. So the best choice for most people is to learn Chinese online, due to the time constraints that come with modern life. But the new problem is that there are so many Chinese teaching schools online, how can we select the most suitable one for ourselves? When choosing an online Chinese school, there are many things to consider. tu should take...
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1. Chinese is the language of nearly 1/4 of the World's Population. Speakers of Chinese not only live in China, Taiwan, and Singapore, but also spread throughout Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe, where large Chinese communities congregate.
2. Learn Chinese to get ahead in the business world. With the rapid economical development, China's position on the international stage is getting más and más important. To take advantage of this huge economic shift and opportunities, learning Chinese is a great way to take an advantage in the increasingly competitive business world. Proficient...
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Online Chinese curricula of MyChineseLearning are specially designed por our professional Chinese language academic team with full scientific reasoning. It has been adopted in local schools for más than 4 years and enjoyed good feedback among online Chinese language learning students in Beijing. Each online Chinese language course has been carefully customized based on the principle of practicality and interest, as well as the unique characteristics of online Chinese language teaching.

Online Chinese Language Courses

Online Chinese Language Courses for Kids and Teens
Online Chinese Courses for Adult
Online Chinese Courses for Test
Mandarin Chinese Group Lesson
Customized Chinese Course
Expo Survival Chinese Learning For Shanghai Expo 2010
As Shanghai Expo 2010 is coming and in terms of quick, practical and fun, we designed the course "Expo Survival Chinese Learning For Shanghai Expo 2010" which was provided a clue that a foreign businessman come to Shanghai to attend the world Expo. It contains 10 Chinese learning lessons and 9 hot topics, such as Go Through the Customs, Accommodation, Have a Meal, Ask Way, Go Sightseeing, Meeting in Progress, Signing a Contract, Traveling, Returning and so on. It can help students get the basic Chinese communicative skills in Shanghai. After...
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子 曰:"学 而 时 习 之,不 亦 悦 乎?有 朋 自 远 方 来,不 亦 乐 乎?人 不 知 而 不 愠,不 亦 君 子 乎?
In Present-Day Chinese
In English
      The Master said, "To learn and in due course apply what tu have learnt, isn't that also a pleasure? To have a friend coming from far away, isn't that also a delight? Not to...
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