roxaslvr101 posted on Jun 18, 2011 at 12:16AM
Hi people I need a k.h story/ plot anyone got ideas? Heres the run through of what i need:
Places in K.H. (Destiney island, the world that never was ect)
Plot ( it can tie in with k.h plot or be made up or even a cross over between two plots)
Lots of epic conflict
A twist in the plot
A main(ish) character dies (how is up 2 u x)
(Maybe)love but no sex please x
Roxas or riku (or both have to be in)
if you want to create your own characters
And perferrably main character is female and around 14/15
if you have any ideas for plot please post on here or if you have a in depth one/ actual story you can send it to:
(story will not be copied but I will be inspired to the see what you have come up with ^___^) thanks, Roxaslvr101

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hace más de un año roxaslvr101 said…
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Just so you know I have always tried to think of plots but they all end up with loose ends or only a chunk can be thought of. I would really appreciate of all you lovely writers out there (or just lovely people who are creative or lovely) could set me on the right track to getting an actual story on the roll. I've also tried final fantasy (based around crisis core) but again, chunks missing, looses ends ect. Please, any help, big or little will be very much appreciated- thank you all, Roxaslvr101 xxx