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posted by sosospecial
1. Name: Heechul ýñ (3 years hace it used to be Cinderella¤»)

2. Birthdate: July 10

3. Alma mater (graduating school): Neulparan (Always Blue) High School

7. Strong point: I don’t bother folks por telling them to do this o that

8. Weak point: I have too much pride..

9. Hobbies: Sparring with Heebummie (heck, it’s one-sided but still..)

10. Specialty: Verbal comebacks

11. Religion: Against even Shiwon’s preachings, I have no interest

12. Height: 178Cm (I grew a tad after I got out of the hospital. Euichul, give me just 2Cm..)

16. favorito! music: Sad songs..(I dance even to sad songs)...
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