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I amor this so much! Just pretend it's Kowalski sinigin it to Rico, tu will understand how much this fits with Kico XD Oh and, SPKR689 Found this, so give her the credit in finding it. ^v^ GO Kico!
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Okay, so I'm kinda trying to make this place have a little más action. I've been posting a lot of things lately, because I amor Kico to death and do not want this place to die!

1. They're opposites. Opposites attract, tu know?
2. They both need someone. Rico's obviously desperate, if he needs a doll to date, and Kowalski's obviously desperate as well. They could help each other.
3. There have been hints throughout the series: Rico wiggling his eyebrows at him, hitting on him. There have also been hints that the...
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Me and Penguin11 are in a little...argument. She think SHE belongs with Kowalski...but tu know. I don't think that's true! Kowalski belongs with Rico! We are each making artículos on who we think should win for the pick we have up. Read both of ours, then go vote!

Reason 1: Their friendship. Kowalski and Rico have been friends for, like, FOREVER. Wouldn't it be so easy to transition into something more?

Reason 2: Their work well together. Rico is like Kowalskis right hand man. If Kowalski needs anything to do an experiment, who is gonna have it tucked away in his belly? Rico of course! And...
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This is just a really quick ONE-SHOT. I am right now, inside my mother's camioneta, van while she is going insane because my sister won't shut up. My dad took my sister up to the church, so my mother could be calm, and left me here to make sure she is safe. (Yes, I am in a church's parking lot) So…I have nothing to do and decided to entertain myself por escritura a ONE-SHOT! Wahoo! I must hurry though…the battery is at 65%! OK…So…enjoy (: Oh, another quick note, this is in Kowalski's point of view.
What is the meaning of life? Why were animals,...
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posted by skipperluvs
Chapter 1

Note: This is my first Koico, Rowalski, Kico...whatever you'd like to call it. It is in Rico's point of view.

I watched him as he sat there, lonely as always. He never really seemed to care whether he had such company o not. Very careless indeed. I enjoyed to have him around all the time, he was a like a best friend to me...but there were times that I doubted our friendship. I didn't think that he didn't like me o something around that area, I just sometimes felt really close to him. Too close, I believe. Almost like brothers. Sometimes I felt even closer than that. I always wondered...
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Turned out Marlene just needed help fixing a leak in her pipe. I had it patched up in no time.
I was mad at Marlene, though. Her stupid pipe had ruined my chance with Rico.
...My chance with Rico? What am I saying? Do I think I actually HAVE a chance? That we have a chance?
A chance to amor each other?
And those preguntas only bring up the one I've wondered about my entire life:
What is love?

Rico approached me later. He had a funny expression on his face; sort of hopeful, but almost worried at the same time.
"Never answered," he dicho shyly.
I sighed. "I never answered what, Rico?"
"You amor me?"
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