katy perry MAKE YOUR OWN NEW ICON!!! Themed icono Contest-Round 01-With Wings

shaddi903 posted on Feb 01, 2012 at 09:52AM
Every five days we pick a theme for icons.
The subject you choose can be anything connected with
Katy Perry

And post there icons below.
Don't steal icons and don't use icons you've made in the past.
You can't post only one icon per round, but you can change it before the round's end.

Everyone has 7 days to submit their icons on this forum.

Then I make a pick with all the icons and we vote for the best.
There will be 7 days for voting.
Don't vote for yourself!!!

NB! A new rule: Then the winner picks the theme of the round following after the next one.
If the winner doesn't pick a topic within 7 (or any days I would specify) days of winning, I'll pick the next subject.
The winner is still allowed to compete in the next round.
If there is a tie, the person who has won less rounds will pick the subject.

NB!: ICON is a small square image, 100x100/200x200 (about this size) pixels.

Theme and Winners
Poun 01:With Wings I Feb 1-5
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hace más de un año shaddi903 said…
February 1-5 2012
Katy Perry With Wings
hace más de un año shaddi903 said…
hace más de un año zara19 said…
mine x
 mine x
hace más de un año zara19 said…
is this ok x
hace más de un año Cheraine21 said…
Here's mine! [:
 Here's mine! [:
hace más de un año sadiebugz00 said…
big smile
Katy Perry: The Butterfly.... X)
 Katy Perry: The Butterfly.... X)