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They mover like water,
Shadowless, in their luminescent
Splashing, like the laughter
Of waves on the beach, incandescent
By día with a million reflections of sunlight,
Remaining awake as the full moon por night….

They smile like friends,
Long-lost but never forgotten,
Longing to make amends
For opportunities unbegotten;
Beyond physical embrace, emerging
To enclose my lonesome spirit with their merging…

They gaze like sisters
In a fellowship of healing:
Mending fractures, soothing blisters,
Closing gashes, never leaving
Any wound untended
By healing as water was intended;
A spiritual transfusion—
My being...
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Her hair-loops are quivering
In the wind again;
I would be shivering,
If not for the warmth of her gaze, but then
I wonder if I’m stirring up the air again
With the wrath
Of a thousand generations
Passing torrentially through me,
Electrifying the path
Of a million neural ramifications
Reverberating in my tiny body
That she unflinchingly
Gently, lovingly
Holds together,
Letting me not fall apart,
With her eyes, tenderly
As the bender she
Is, healing me
With her water
Wearing away patiently
The obstacles in my corazón
Breaking my chains asunder….

Her cheeks are blushing
With the warmth of her amor again;
Soothing me from the crushing
Pain of self-reproach,
From seeing myself an entity
That none would dare approach;
Intertwining our destiny.
Her gaze melts into tears
To wash away my fears,
Splitting rocks apart
Making clay from stone,
Dissolving it to tears of my own
To free my buried heart.
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