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Hey, if we could put our names
On a piece of our memories and preserve it
Wouldn't that be the perfect "treasure"?

Right, These excitement-colored days
That have passed have filled our hearts
To their full capacity

The familiar uniforms and indoor shoes
The doodles on our whiteboard
I guess we have to leave them behind
At the entrance to tomorrow

But hey, we met one! A wonderful angel
Graduation isn't the end
We're buddies from here on out!
Pictures of us together
Our matching keychains
Will shine on forever
And always, we thank tu for your smile

Hey, the cereza, cerezo trees
Seem like they've grown a bit too
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So I've been making K-ON albums just for fun and was wondering what tu all think:

Album cover is the image on the side

Song list:
1.Brush and Ballpoint Pen
2. Cagayake Girls!
3.Go Go Maniac!!!
4.Don't say ”lazy”
5.Light and Fluffy Time Yui
6.My amor is A Stapler Mio
7. No Goodbye!
8.No Thank You!
9.Utauyo Miracle
10.U & I
11.Pure Pure Heart
12.桜が丘女子高等学校校歌 [Rock Ver.]

If anyone is interested to see más please comentario below and if tu would like to download these songs as an album....please teach me how to subir it and I would gladly let you!