johnny depp What do tu think about Johnny's movie "The Tourist"?Is it nice?I want to see it,but I'd like to know a few opinions first

Pick one:
I really really like it! amor it!!
I really really like it!Love it!!
It was a good movie, I want watch it a some more...
It was a good movie,I want watch it a some más times again.
It was a nice movie, that&# 39; s all.
It was a nice movie,that's all.
I don&# 39; t really like it.
I don't really like it.
I don&# 39; t like it at ALL, I can&# 39; t believe that Johnny...
I don't like it at ALL,I can't believe that Johnny plays in this aweful movie
I haven&# 39; t watched it yet
I haven't watched it yet
 JohnnyDepp-y posted hace más de un año
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