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posted by ZaraShade
So I got bored and decided to put together some nice frases for Jen and Jethro. tu also get my running commentary along the way...just cos I couldn't help myself. They're all from season 3.

Jen: There will be no off the job, Agent Gibbs
Gibbs: That's a shame, I missed you, Jen
(Kill Ari, part one)
Personally, I found this scene between them very emotional. I mean the tone of voice he used! It showed that he really was sincere.

Gibbs: I need a partner for the night, tu interested?
Jenny: Jethro...don't tu know any other women?
(Kill Ari, part two)
LOL, loved this one!

Jen: Something I can help you...
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posted by cuddy-me-up
It started with coffee.
The aroma of the store eperlano so strong, so awakening, this was his idea of a routine, coffee then work and later on borbón and his boat.
“Jamaican blend black no sugar no milk” Gibbs said
“I’m sorry sir but someone has just beat tu to our last Jamaican blend although we do have a large variety of coffee” dicho the scrawny little man behind the counter
“You have completely no Jamaican blend at 6:30 in the morning?” Gibbs questioned almost like he would a suspect
“We are sorry about the inconvenience but the supply wasn’t delivered yesterday” the little...
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posted by TJrockz
It all started with Jenny waking up one morning; she's eight months pregnant, and Gibbs helps her out of bed. She, and Gibbs go downstairs to get started on breakfast. So, what are we having Jen? Gibbs asks . I don't know about tu Jethro but, I'll have a double omlette Jenny says wanting to eat. I meant baby wise Jen Gibbs says. Oh sorry Jethro I have a doctor's appointment to go to. We can find out the sex of the baby today if you'd like Jenny implies. That sounds pretty good Jen Gibbs says after they've just finished breakfast. After breakfast Jenny, and Gibbs are at the doctor's office...
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posted by iluvtheshow
Jenny woke up in the middle of the night. She checked the clock, 2:13. What was with her tonight? This was the third time she had awoken. Settling back into the pillows she drifted off to sleep again.......

Jenny is standing in a lush purple room. There is a white canopy cama with fake lila sewn in. It's a girl's room. This has got to be a dream. The door that she just know noticed opens and in walks a 8 año old. She has long curly red hair and sky blue eyes. She wears a purple dress with silver trim. She is beautiful and suddenly the girl smiles. This is her daughter, she can feel it. And...
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posted by NCIS_number1
She stood por his door her body shaking. it had been almost five years since she's last seen him and well he thought she was dead. there was no answer at the door so she knocked again. Remembering he always left the door unlocked she tugged at the door and it opened.
the house almost didn't look formilliar but the scent did. the smell of coffee, borbón and sawdust. she took a deep breath and went downstairs. at first she expected a rude welcoming full of hate and betrayal. he'd never wanted to hurt her. why had she hurt him so many times? she wanted him to be hers so why did she always run...
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posted by NCIS_number1
It was night time at a nice bar. They had to be out at night in order to avoid Decker finding out. They both got borbón and steak. Gibbs could't help but to stare at her but she didn't mind. They both were thinking about their relationship with each other. Their lives were in each others hands. And the nights were just soo long. It wouldn't be bad having some company. They talked about their lives, what they had gone through. Tough times, fun times. Jenny couldn't help laughing at all the stuff he said. He's perfect she thought. Handsome, powerful,smart, funny, and reliable. He looked back...
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posted by ilovehouse345
Gibbs was in his basement working on his barco when he heard a knock at the door."uugghh"he groaned and walked to the door.When he opened it there was a young girl,no older than 16 with dark brown hair and esmeralda green eyes.When he looked into the he couldnt help but think of Jenny.

"Speacial agent gibbs?"

"Yes,who are you?"

"Hi my name is ALexis marie shepard and yes im related to Jenny shepard and no im jenny shepard is not my mother,shes my aunt."

"Your aunt?"

"Yes and i need to tell tu something.jenny shepard is not dead." he looked at the girl in shock.

"Wait,how could she not be dead.she got...
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posted by NCIS_number1
Tony and ziva día talking one late calm night.
Paris Tony dicho I wonder what happened.
Ziva agreed. Lots of- she started but Tony cut her off.
Tony quickly spoke. In fact I wonder what they are doing right now.
Ziva nodded.
Meanwhile Jen and Jethro kissed in jethros car. They hadn't seen each other in a long time so they kissed deeply remembering Paris. Making amor to each other, the dinners, coffee. She thought about it más and more. Suddenly he stopped besar her. Crap she thought. He hates me again. He looked at her and asked the pregunta she hoped she'd never hear.
" why'd tu end it?"
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posted by NCIS_number1
They met in an undercover assignment and found they had a lot in common, bourbon,coffee, and much much more. Their personality was very similar. Both enjoyed winning and both would fight to win. We all know Gibbs liked redheads and that's what Jen was. They were close to start since well they were agents but it very quickly became más then that. It started with dinners then became a sexual relationship. Usually they did it when they were trapped to pass time but they were in a relationship so sometimes it was for pleasure o taking their mind off their lives being in danger.
After the mission...
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posted by Lisa_Huddy
Hiatus part 2 is one of my favorito! ncis episodes evr. I have only just started watching, but its a great ep with a ton of drama, action, and mystery. And for some of tu HUGE Jibbs fans, it had one of the best scenes out there; the hospital scene...

Jenny: Jethro...
Gibbs: ... Shannon?
Jenny: No Jethro. Its me, Jenny. tu still dont remember me?
Gibbs: *flashback to Paris* ... Maybe...
Jenny: Im Jenny. We were partners.
Gibbs: After Shannon died?
Jenny: Yes.
Gibbs: ... Did I marry again?
Jenny: Three times.
Gibbs: *chuckles* No way.
Jenny: 'Fraid so.
Gibbs: Ah! Your an ex-wife?
Jenny: *laughs* Oh God no. *pause* Im the director of NCIS.
Gibbs: For a moment I though tu were somebody else.
Jenny: *pause* tu remembered us making love, didnt you, Jethro?
Gibbs: *stares* *shifts around in his spot*
Jenny: At least thats a start
posted by iluvtheshow
"You did it. tu killed Petty Officer Fisher "

That was all Gibbs dicho as he walked into the interrogation room. The women half-smirked. "Prove it." Gibbs half-smirked back. "Alright, let's start with the murder weapon. There were traces of lavender and other ingredients of some kind of lotion. When we searched your house we found that lotion, a perfect match. Next, in your car's backseat there was blood splatter. tu just couldn't quite see all the way under the asiento while tu were cleaning. tu had opportunity and motive. That enough for you?" Her face had fallen. "Fine," she whispered "I'll...
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posted by iluvtheshow
Gibbs sat at her desk. The one she would never come back to. He sifted through her files waiting. A small note fell out and caught his eye. He began to read.

Dear Jethro,

I amor you.

I always have and always will. tu are one of the

few reasons I wake up in the morning.

I was wrong to end what we had.

You are the amor of my life and I’m

sorry it took me until the end of my

life to realize that.

With all my love,


He tucked the note in his pocket before he began to cry. He would cry later in the safety of his home. Now, he just had to wait.

She was dead. His Jenny. Never coming back. The woman he...
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posted by AMOUR-DE-JIBBS
“After you, Jenny,” he said, that smile gracing his lips in his certain little childish way. She made a face at him and resisted the urge to knee him in the groin with her heel as she climbed inside the car and his hand rested on her lower back. Jethro would never hurt her, why did she want to hurt him? “Salem, honey, hurry up,” she called, watching her daughter stop to play in the puddle from the heavy rain earlier. It seemed like it might rain again at any moment, and Jenny just wanted to get inicial before that happened.

If she'd known that that would be the last puddle Salem would...
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posted by iluvtheshow

A very pregnant, very moody Director Shepard walked into her office to find SecNav and Agent Gibbs at her desk. "Who did tu piss off now Jethro?" she dicho irritated. He just shrugged. That was to much, but SecNav was here and she didn't think he would enjoy seeing Jethro attacked por means of paper weight. "Sir what can I do for you?" she asked politely. "Well Jennifer, there have been some awful speculation about how tu got..... into your present state." He dicho carefully. "How I got pregnant? Sir, is that what your asking?" she dicho her voice rising slightly. He faltered....
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posted by iluvtheshow
Jenny was nervous. Okay that was an understatement. She was out of her mind terrified. Here she was standing on her ex-lovers doorstep about to admit her deepest secret, because of a dream. It sounded crazy even to her.

She rung the doorbell. Nothing. Nothing. And then footsteps, Oh god she was gonna lose her nerve! He answered the door. She had waited all día and it was now 8:17. He obviously was shocked to see her. "Jethro can I come in?" she asked maintaining her nerve at least for the moment. He motioned her in still bewildered. She walks downstairs to the boat, where else would he have...
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posted by iluvtheshow
"Jenny, why didn't tu tell me?" he asked quietly.

He was hurt, she could see it. "I didn't want to hurt anyone." she answered, her eyes not leaving Luna, lectura a book in the corner.

Jethro lifted up her chin so his eyes met hers. "This wouldn't have hurt anyone Jen. tu know me. I loved being a father and Kelly always wanted siblings." he said.

"You aren't angry?" Jethro sighed. "Jen I could have been furious. I am upset, but one look at that ángel over there and all I feel is love." he replied. She was so relieved to have finally told him. "Why don't we go get to know your daughter?" she...
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posted by iluvtheshow
Pleasure of amor lasts but a moment, Pain of amor lasts a lifetime.

Bette Davis

The hardest thing to do is watch the one tu love, amor someone else.


If tu amor something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be.


I self destruct every relationship so that i don't get hurt... but in truth i just hurt myself worse in the long run..


Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.


I dont know why they call it heartbreak. It feels like every part of my body is broken too.

Chloe Woodward...
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posted by iluvtheshow
Gibbs was dying.

He was 76 years old.

Dying of corazón disease, and well, that made sense. He realized how much he had abused his heart. Every time he pulled the trigger, his corazón would stop for a gut-wrenching second. When he found out that Jenny was dead, his corazón came dangerously close to stopping forever. Every one died eventually and his corazón seemed like the logical reason for him. He now lay in a hospital cama and as he looked around he thought about something. He was so tired, and he was ready to go. He was ready to see her again.

The team filed into the hospital room, Ziva and Tony followed...
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