Jane Lynch Jane canto (1971)

Ronaldm posted on Jan 21, 2012 at 05:42AM
When I lived in Dolton, IL back in the 70's. there were neighborhood kids we used to hang out with. One of them was Jane Lynch. Yes: "Jane Lynch from Glee, Jane Lynch!" Jane in a blue jogging suit and I and our friends played baseball in our neighborhood park, ride bikes and hang out at my house. One time Jane, her sister Julie and friends came over to visit. I just formed a band and had my mic and amp set up in the family room. Guess who was singing her heart out? I had know idea Jane could sing? I said, "Let me take a picture of you, before you become famous"... Just about 6 months ago, I watched a television show called "Glee". I had noticed a women on the program that wore a blue jogging suit with stripes down the side. Just like Jane would have worn. Could this be the same person? Just last week, I asked my now 87-year old dad if we kept any of our Dolton pictures. He did, and it was Jane Lynch with giant glasses singing on the microphone in my family room back in 1971. I guess she really became famous after all. RonM.
P.S. How do I get in touch with Jane Lynch. If you can relay this message, i would appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

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