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posted by Dawnlight22
Wolfstar ran into the battle that was raging her clan's camp. She flung herself at a pale brown tabby tom she reconized as Hawkflight. He tried to pato under Wolfstar as she pelt for him, but she was ready for him. She twisted mid-jump and Hawkflight only clawed her thick fur. Wolfstar tusseled with Hawkflight until she heard a terrified shriek that was cut off come from the nursery. She ran as fast as she could to the nursery to only find horror. Her two sisters, Willowfrost and Iceflower, were dead and Iceflower's two daughters were gone. Willowfrost never even got to deliver her kits, Wolfstar thought. Then, she smelled something a little too late... a shadow clan warrior. Who ever it was slid their claws across Wolfstar"s throat and killed her