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This chapter isnt the best yet, i think chapter 9 will be much better, but here is chapter 8, there is más emotion in this one, if some of it doesnt make sense its probably because i was tired escritura it, please comentario and rate! thanks guys :)

Jacob got his phone and dialled a number.
“Hello...Carlisle were on our way to your house, are the others there...They are okay good.” Jacob dicho and hung up the phone. We drove up a dark lane, Jacob was speeding, then we pulled up a big white house, and someone appeared standing outside the door as we were walking up, I stood behind Jacob frightened...
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This isn’t that bad- Jacob

It was killing me that Lilly wasn’t around. But time to handle business.
We all were now sitting in a circulo, círculo around Sam, por this time he was fully healed and ready to talk.
“It was all so fast.” He started” I was out there just checking the perimeters out when a cloaked figure was staring at me in the forest. I decided to investigate from a distance. But my mind was blurred. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move. It’s like it had some kind of control over me. “Sam said. He hated the fact that he was almost defeated. We all stared at him trying to figure...
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Jacob brings Bella inicial to the lobo pack.