Jack and Rose Together Forever

babystarr13 posted on Oct 17, 2009 at 07:05PM
Jack and Rose were so good together and they are not together at the end of the movie and I think that was sad. So Jack and Rose will be together forever soon.

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hace más de un año bendaimmortal said…
I think they were together in the end of the film.

Because they showed an old, old woman sleeping and showed pictures of her life, I interpret the ending that Rose died and her soul joined him in wherever those who died back there, wwere, and she bacame again the age she was on Titanic because that's where she returned in a timeless existence. :)
hace más de un año RoseJackDawson said…
The end was just a dream.After that we can heart 'Every night in my dreams...' and I found on net that she died in 102.