Italy I'm going to Italy!!

FanDlux posted on Nov 15, 2008 at 01:11PM
I'm going to Italy in Two weeks. It's trugh school and I'll go with 3 other's from my class and two teachers. We're going to Sellia Marina and Rosolini.
Does anybody live there/know someone that lives there?

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hace más de un año EnjoyHuddy said…
Oh my God that's wonderful!!! I'm italian, but I don't live near there :( I live in Campania... But I'm so glad you are going to visit Italy!!! Trust me, you won't be disappointed when you'll see it!!
hace más de un año 2va said…
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! how was it! i've been to italy. it was like a dream. but i visited roma, firenze, venezia and milano. didn't go to your place! i'm sure it was gr8. italian people are just wonderful ;)
hace más de un año chocolate10 said…
Cool, I went for 2 years because my parents work for a special Duke program. But my old school shut down and moved to trastavera (If thats even how you spell it.) so I had to go to a new school. If you want to learn more about my time there read my years in Italy.