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Okay this is my segundo chapter to the Our Lives story and it is very explicit and may not be worth viewing to some people but there has to be a little bad before I get to the good trust me it will have a happy ending. Please read and let me know what tu think. Thanks

Chapter 2: Searching

    Mac had the full police department in Princeton out searching everywhere for Stella and Lisa. Many people who were at the hotel where they had been attacked at were questioned but no one had any information that would help in the search. Mac was starting to get very frustrated and worried....
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posted by Cuddles
On New Year's Eve, Olivine and me wrote this great and nobel prize worthy oneshot. xD
And no, we weren't drunk xD.
Anyway, enjoy :D
[Oida = Dude ]

It was an idyllic Wednesday evening. There had never been a blizzard like this before. No car was on the roads, except for one.
„Hm?“, Wilson murmured, he was too distracted por a árbol that was about to fall on the street.
House yelled again. „Did tu see that road sign??“
„Road sign?“, Wilson turned around and looked at House, „ There was a road sign?“
House was about to rant, when a high, strident voice interrupted him....
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My first CSI:NY/House, M.D. crossover fic so I hope tu enjoy it. It's really dark at the beginning and many might not like it but trust me it gets better and HuddySMackedfans tu will amor it. Please leave comentarios and let me know what tu think. Thanks!

Our Lives

Chapter 1: Payback

New York Police Department Crime Scene Investigation Detectives Stella Bonasera and Mac Taylor were on their way to meet some friends at a restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey on May 18th 2007. They were going to meet Dr. Lisa Cuddy, a long time friend of Stella’s and her boyfriend Dr. Gregory House. They arrived...
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posted by oldmovie
I'm glad tu guys liked the first one, I have a faint plan in my mind about how this is supposed to go, the mystery I mean, so hopefully it will all make sense eventually. I'm also trying my best to include every character, unfortunatly Chase and Cameron are going to be a little difficult!

House sat in the cafeteria munching on a Reuben, a little perplexed at the information he had just received. Had Cuddy been lying, she did know the man? Was she stupid enough to lie to cops, okay scratch that she has done that before. House’s brow wrinkled in frustrated confusion just as Wilson managed to...
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posted by oldmovie
I thought I'd have a go at escritura a cross-over fic. I wrote it quite quickly so it might be a little bad, I'm not sure. Well hopefully tu like it :)

House parked his car in his normal parking el espacio and cocked his head slightly as he saw an unfamiliar neighbor car sitting on his left. Curious, House stumbled out of his car and gave the alien car a sizing up. It was a bulky sort of car obviously meant to give off the impression of importance. House didn’t care about the maker of the car, he was never good at analyzing cars, but what caused his eyebrow to rise was the license plate which did...
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