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Spoiler Review For S05E01****MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT****Plz read the comentario if it doesn't work!



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la_nina said:
I didn't write this!

Here is the review. Check back for edits b/c I am going to rewatch it later tonight. But here is some stuff to start with. This is the episode outline so if you DON'T want to be COMPLETELY spoiled, then DO NOT read it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so it starts with PoW. The episode in general is pretty gory, IMO. LOL. This girl works for this major Feminist who is very strong and almost House-like. Well, the girl hallucinates that ants are ALL over her body in the boardroom and it's pretty gross. I knew the minute she screamed it would cut to the promo and when it did, I screamed. LOL! Same opening credits unless they change them between now and air time.

Well, Cuddy finds House with coma guy . He's playing a video game and he puts his drink in coma guy's hand. It's pretty funny. And it's revealed that he hasn't spoken to Wilson in 2 months b/c Wilson has been away on berevement. He says he's trying to let him grieve. Cuddy doesn't buy it. Wilson is finally back. She wants him to talk to Wilson. They are interrupted by Foreman who says he has a case. Apparently the feminist lady that PoW works for is someone that House jokes he's dated before. Whether he has or not, I have no idea. At first I thought it was a joke - just a broad jab against feminists until later the POW says that her boss, "Insisted" that she come to House - like she knew House. If House really did date this woman --- it's interesting b/c she's about as strong as you can possibly get. Definitely his type.

Cuddy doesn't want him on the case. She doesnt' want him distracted from Wilson, but she also acted kinda jealous b/c of the implied past with the PoW's boss. It was kinda funny. House takes the case. And Cuddy takes the drink out of the coma guy's hand.

The episode is very 13 heavy. There are some other gross moments with blood and bowels. House outs 13's Positive Huntingtons test in front of the team. It's pretty harsh the way he does it. But he's starting to see it color the way she treats/diagonses.

The first scene with Wilson is the one you see in the promo where he tells House he's resigning and House is like you're milking this bereavement thing. House just tries to talk about Feminists being "Yesterday's sluts are todays Empowered women" - I LMAO

Well, Houe is in fine form b/c 13 was intruding on the Wilson convo and he says he's "Busy" and when she doesn't get it he says, "Actually, I'm not busy. It's a euphemism for get the HELL out." It was funny.

So House becomes progressively obsessed with Wilson and 13 becomes progressively obsessed with the PoW. House just can't concentrate; who cares about the puzzle. It's all about Wilson.

The 2nd scene with WIlson ticked me off. House goes and says he's sorry again and Wilson says he doesn't believe him. House says what if he really were sorry - Wilson still wouldn't beliee him and he says it's none of House's business. House gets pissed and is like I cracked my skull open to try and save her and Wilson blows that off. - then they're interrupted by the team. Wilson says for them to get House to respect his decision and House says he only respects things worth respecting.

13 becomes more attached to the PoW and says Cam-like things and acts like Cam. - The Hams won't be happy. I mean that they find out the PoW is pregnant and they have to remove the fetus b/c it's in the bowel or somewhere random, and 13 wants to save the fetus, but they can't. And then a lot of conversation about the PoW working for a strong boss and not really having her own identity/career.

Next House goes to Cam in the ER and asks her to talk to Wilson b/c of her dead husband. She doesn't want to. Fat guy in ER makes some Ham joke the Hams will live on for the next six months - Cam makes her stupid comment about you want me to sleep with him? (Yeah, cam b/c who can resist you?? - back to our review) She says something about not being House's errand girl and that's the best thing about having "left him" and the ER guy is all surprised "Y'all were together?" and House jokes "She dumped me when I lost 85 pounds." b/c the ER guy is fat. Then he tries to persuade Cam to talk to Wilson b/c of the bond of the dead husband.

House is now in Cuddy's office and she sits on her desk with her legs in the chair very laid back. They talk in a soft tones and it's very intimate. Softer conversation - very nice. She tries to persuade him to talk to Wilson - to really tell him how he feels. It was almost spouse-like. She keeps saying talk to him talk to him. She refuses to believe he doesn't care about Amber's death or feel guilty but it's really kind of a weird unspoken thing and she's struggling with it. Finally she tells him to just TELL Wilson he feels like crap and just to DO something.

So House listens to her as usual but interprets ina House-like way. He gives Wilson his phone/pager and says that he's going home and not coming back to the hosptial until Wilson decides to stay.

He blackmails him. Meanwhile, the PoW is dying iand everyone is like Where is House and House won't answer their pages. And WIlson is like you're going to let your patient die? And House is like, "Your friendship matters more than this patient." Which is big for House but of course IMO Wilson just sees his friend letting someone die. It's kinda twisted in that House-like way. House goes home.

Next thing you know, Cuddy is at House's door. She tells him he needs to finally open up and be vulnerable. When she sees him shirking against this, she starts to scream at him -- it's awesome! She says somthing I'll have to transcribe. It's awesome. And he shuts the door in her face. But you can see that he has listened to her, yet again. "If you tell him how you actually feel, actually feel about him. If you make yourself vulnerable for once in your nerve-deadening, emotionally-obliterating...." ---Loved it.

Next scene is more Pow and 13. The next scene back in Cuddy's office and she is reading some random magazine called "Pole to Pole - has the word REpublican on it". - maybe making up for Obama sticker. LOL! Then she manipulates the "couple's counselling" by brining both House and Wilson in there. She wants them in the room together to TALK. But it's not working. She blackmails Wilson by saying she's witholding what his salary from all the hospitals in the tri state area and House goes, "You go girl." it was hillarious.

There's another scene in between with the new duclkings.

Back to couple's counselling....
Cuddy says she is sorry for Wilson is going through. And that House is blackmailing Wilson instead of telling him how he really feels. And House says, yes, you've told me this already to which Wilson says, she's just trying to prove to him that she's on his side. Cuddy responds with: "Go to hell." I think Wilson is kind of accusing her of always being on House's side - which I think she sees both sides of this one but yes, she's always in House's corner.

and Wilson proceeds to say how no one liked Amber anyway.

The team thinks Chase has messed up and he refuses to help the new team. He has a bit of a House moment there. He admits he'd re operate for House but not for them. Then he gets snarky with them. It was funny.

Then we go back to 13 and she's on a quest to solve the case without House's input. She wants to be right.

Then this whole 13 talking to the PoW about feminism. And it's obvious they're trying to make her character stronger, but I don't think her non-fans are going to bite. I think it's goign to annoy them.

Cam finally goes and talks to Wilson. He asks if House sent her and she says yes, but she told him to go to Hell. She wants to talk to him b/c she thinks what he's doing is wrong. It was said earlier that when her husband died she moved 600 miles away and it hasn't changed anything - that the pain of it is always going to be there. SHe tells him to stay.

Foreman, meanwhile, has a scene with Wilson and tells him he thinks he should leave.

13 has diagnosed the PoW with cancer. The treatment is working so far. The next scene is 13 and PoW again. She says to 13 "Maybe you'll hvae wings." and 13 confesses about
how she's going to die and how it's going to happen. 13 opens up to her completely.

We have a little scene with Cuddy and House and he reaches for the REMOTE control and it looks like he's going to feel her up and she startles. It was cute. Then he's talking to her - she tells him he's just afraid to know teh REAL reason Wilson is leaving. Meanwhile, something she says causes him to have an epiphany about the PoW. I have to rewatch' I'm confused about it.

The POW has "pretty leprosy" makes her skin look younger instead of falling off. It's odd. Anyway, he treats her.

Last thing we see is House and WIlson very open and honest. House apologizes and is very sincere and very sweet. And Wilson says he tried to blame House for what happened but that logically it's not his fault. He doesn't blame House. So House says, "So we're good?" and Wilson says no. He says that misery follows House and he doesn't want to protect House anymore. And that he doesn't think they were EVER really friends. It's very harsh and I didn't like it at all.

The last frame is of Wilson leaving down the hall.

EDIT: Rewatching the episode, Cuddy goes towards some table counter, House reaches over it to grab the remote control for either his TV or the Lounge TV - can't tell. While he does this, the camera basically shows House's hand has to go to the level of Cuddy's er, private part and so she backs up like "WTF?" And then she sees him take the remote control. Presumably, she's hidden the remote there b/c she used it to blackmail him into the couple's counselling session. Anyway, it was just a little bit o' Huddy.
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housefrk said:
Awsome, thanks.
Lot's of 13. That makes me happy. Now I'm really on the edge of my seat to see the premier. 24 more days.
posted hace más de un año.
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salemslot said:
Great work,la_nina.I don't know if it's me but reading the spoiler last night I had a freaky Wuddy vibe.Ep2 isn't that good
posted hace más de un año.
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I know that you are a huddy and all but can you PLEASE trascribe the hameron scenes???
Thanks either way for the awesome spoilers!
(pretty please?)
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babybell said:
LOL aR....... PLH sent me this via email. : ) the huddy seems good!! i couldn't type then so i could barely say anything lol! But i loved the description of the scene at the end and the one where House goes to Cuddys office... : ) xD XD XD XD
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lduda said:
how did u watch the eppy already??? i'm so jealous!!!!!!!

but thank you for the review :]
posted hace más de un año.
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jlmoras said:
thx for the post! My BF is going to be so jealous when we watch the episode and I'm like "I knew that was going to happen!" Can't wait to see it!
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