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House Season 7 Predictions



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AreKay said:
Will House introduce Cuddy to his mother? If so, could this lead to a confrontation between House and his biological father? Lots of intriguing possibilities! I can't wait!!!
posted hace más de un año.
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tammyr50 said:
Thirteen - I thought about that. It would make a good first argument between our duo. House not wanting to replace Thirteen. Cuddy being jealous. House making her see he wants to help Thirteen so that what happened to Kutner doesn't happen here. Cuddy seeing once again that our Dr. is a little more open. Could lead to a good huddy moment.

I can see a scene of him playing the piano for Rachel to get her to calm down or go to sleep. Maybe the piece that he wrote for Cuddy and Rachael originally. Another good Huddy moment.

That's what I think this will be a season of moments for them that will solidify their love for each other. Their relationship being a part of the show.

I don't see moving in for them. I think it would take away from the romance. I see him on one knee a few seasons from now. They have the potential to be a great power couple without it being the sole focus. Everyone is worried it will be a soap opera.
It is a story about people and their quest to find truth and love in every aspect of their life. People who go to work and try to make a diffrence and we get some laughs along the way.
posted hace más de un año.
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hey seph, this spoiler says it as well....
posted hace más de un año.