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posted by TheHiddenCane
First attempt at something this medically orientated... oso, oso de with me guys, I'm trying. House is sick again: he hides it. Wilson grows characteristically concerned... as Cuddy does uncharacteristically. What happens? How do they deal with it? What becomes of House?

Read, find out, enjoy!

Never Better (Chapter 1)

Bad days were always the same: House woke up in pain, sighed, lied panting in his own pool of sweat as he watched the spasms travel through his thigh. He measured his willingness to go in that día por the severity of the pain, the chance that Cuddy would find him something particularly...
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posted by Irene3691
‘Morning...’ Says House the siguiente day.
‘Hi… how are you?’
‘Fine... and you? tu fell más peaceful this morning?’
‘Ha-ha... yes, thank you.’
‘Good...’ He chuckles and they sit up.
‘Are tu hungry? We have some cake left...’ Lisa says.
‘Will the cake change your mood?’
‘It will change my hunger.’

They go to the cocina in silence and have breakfast. His leg is starting to hurt and House rubs his thigh with his hand but he doesn't say anything. Cuddy notices it and asks worried. ‘Are tu okay?’
‘Yeah... fine...’ House respuestas smiling at her. MEEEEEC!!! Lie
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posted by Irene3691
They arrive to the hotel without saying a word, go to their room and lock the door.
‘You’re not gonna say anything? tu know, something like:’ Cuddy imitates House’s tone. ‘Yeah, nice guy, tu choose your boyfriends very well...’
House looks at her serious and without saying anything goes to the bathroom and close the door. Cuddy gets angry. ‘Hey, do not ignore me!’
House wets his faces and sits on the floor while Cuddy is shouting and knocking at the door. ‘Can tu tell me what the hell was that? Can't behave as an adult once in your life?’ House takes a vicodin pill and looks...
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posted by thirteen_times
“Is this…” Spencer paused. Her voice was a throaty whisper. “Is this all we’ll ever have?” Remy’s eyes met hers. “Do tu want more?” Remy asked.
Suddenly Spencer’s face became like a child’s full of tenderness and vulnerability. In that moment that followed Remy felt a bond to her like nothing else. For a long while they sat without speaking. They stared silently at their intertwined hands.
“I amor you” Spencer dicho softly. Remy grew very still. Spencer couldn’t see her face.
“Remy?” She lifted her chin. “Look at me”
Her eyes told her all she needed to know. As they sat there in the faded light of dusk, they both believed in happiness.
Original character, cursing and mentions of abuse all in one? That's my story. D's story to be exact. She's the main character of my original story Green Eye Blind... and now she's here, with Wilson and House, and Cuddy... and she's scared, they help her.

Not as melodramatic as it sounds... rated T, lots of angst...


Tie Bound

The red laces of her All-Stars dragged across the pavement as she stumbled across night-time New Jersey... Letters D&G faded, but present on her T-shirt, Jack&Jones leaving their signature on her jeans: If her shoes hadn't been caked in mud, camisa, camiseta hadn't...
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posted by Soccerpersonz10
 friends :)
Friends :)
Disclaimer - I wish I owned House, but y'know, like just about everyone, I don't :(.
First fan-fic, please be nice.

It hurt. It had been hurting for nine years. Nine years since his surgery, nine years since he had been able to walk. Properly.
Gregory House was lying in his bed, sprawled over the width of it. Some days he just didn't feel like getting up.
His hand moved to his right thigh, tracing the scar that spread the length, wishing it would go away, but it didn't. House reached for his bedside
table. The pills were there, the pills that kept him out of pain, most of the time, but in...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa can barely sleep and wakes up early. She gets dressed and stays there lying on cama the whole morning until House knocks at her door. ‘Hi...’ Says she opening it.
‘You think it would be very dangerous if we went to have breakfast together? Is my life at risk?’
‘I don’t think so... I’m not very hungry, but I guess we won’t find William at the cafeteria at this time.’
They go together and take a seat. Unfortunately, Will is there with his friends, and when he sees both coming in, he thinks: “Great, finally tu fucked him...” He finishes his breakfast,...
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"Where the hell is he?"
Cuddy had barged into Wilson's office. She hadn't seen House at his clinic duty so she decided to ask Wilson what plan he was pulling.
"He owes me clinic and I haven't seen him."
"You really expect to?"
"He dicho himself--"
"Just because he dicho it doesn't mean he meant it."
"So he's avoiding me?"
"I would too." Wilson looked back down and began working again, despite the fact that Cuddy was still venting. Then Cameron walked in, along with Chase and Foreman.
"Where's House?" Foreman asked.
"He has a patient due in OR. I need a patient to operate on, and the doctor who...
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posted by ToEkNeE
Cuddy and Wilson walked out of the restaurant waiting for House to pull up into the parking lot. The sun was beaming and warm, it was a perfect day.
"Did tu call him?"
"No need." And she pointed out House coming in. He pulled into a parking spot and waited for them to get in. Cuddy went up to his window, apparently waiting for something. He rolled down the window.
"Get out, I'm driving."
"I'm faster."
"That's the point. You're reckless."
"It's like ten minutos from here. tu trusted me with your car."
"Now I'm trusting tu with my life."
Cuddy sighed and got in the car, Wilson had already...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
 tu Betrayed Me.
You Betrayed Me.
I've decided to post chapters 1 & 2 at the same time, just because there's a constant flow of artículos here and it seemed easier to just do it this way.

Wilson knocked on the door... he knew House wasn't obligated to let him in at all; that, as a matter of fact, House probably wouldn't let him in... but he tried none the less, because there were things he had to say... because he was Wilson and Wilson never left.
"I know you're in there... look, I have to tell tu something: I'm sorry."

"Since when is that good enough?" House whispered... a bullet was staring at him from the barrel of a gun......
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posted by housecuddy4ever
This is a new chapter

Cuddy sighed.She began to rub her temples.House didn't want to see her like this.Miserable.Hurt.House limped to her and wrapped his arms around her.Cuddy put her head on his chest."Should I go?"Cuddy asked."It's your choice.Your mother."House dicho with no emotion in his voice."Oh Greg..."Cuddy sighed."You never called me Greg.Even during sex.The last time tu called me Greg was..."House began.He started to think about how he'd been with Stacy.He remembered the face Cuddy made when she saw him in pain.Hurt and guilt.House snapped back into reality.He put his head on...
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Disclaimer: I do not and never will (unfortunately) own House MD (still) But I know one día I shall take buy the show!! And kill everyone por making them wait in suspense

A/N: Okay here is chapter two I was sooo suprised that I actually got it done this soon (even though it wasnt that quick) I apologize for not updating sooner but yeah!! Oh and one más thing I forgot to add in the last chapter, I am co-writing this with not - lupus . everbody - lies haha she's my beta as well!! She is like an expert in Horror cine so its totally awesome! Anyways, Please R & R

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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 3: The Accident
Saturday morning arrived and Dr. Hadley/Thirteen decided to go for a drive after a sleepless night. It can’t be true Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy two doctors who she admires and respects can’t be her parents it’s just not possible she thought to herself. She drove for about an hora and was on her way inicial when suddenly a truck ran a red light and struck her car on the driver’s side. Thirteen was pinned inside her car and all of the bones on her left side were crushed she had a punctured lung and a ruptured spleen. She needed immediate medical attention o she could...
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 "As Pale As Death"
"As Pale As Death"
This is the first chapter of my new fanfic "I'll take the rain" :) It contains spoilers for the season 5 finale since it happens in and alters the episode "Both sides now".
There's also a trailer for this fanfic in this spot. I hope tu like the first chapter :)

Chapter 1- As Pale As Death

He didn’t get a response.
„Cuddy.“, Wilson said, his voice even softer now. This time she seemed to have heard it and slowly raised her head, trying to clear her mind. A pair of swollen and red eyes looked back at Wilson, who gently handed her one of the two cups of coffee he had just got....
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The gray clouds hovered over Princeton like a blanket. Behind them was the onyx sky, gleaming with speckled bright lights so far away. But tonight, tonight very few were shining. Over por the houses a car had pulled up in a driveway. An average height male with clean short hair, got out of his car and walked fairly quickly to the door. In the light hanging over the arch of the door, tu could distinguish who he was. Wilson was knocking on House's door waiting for him to answer. He wanted to check up on him, find out what happened, how he was, and how he was feeling about this. After a minute...
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posted by housecuddy4ever
I completely forgot about this fanfic.*facepalm*
But I decided to post the first chapter her :)


It was a cold wintery day.The snow was falling slowly to the ground.The sun hasn't come up yet.The wind was blowing the snowflakes around.Lisa Cuddy awoke from her deep sleep.She reached for her lamp.The light came on and was bright.Lisa held her hand infront of her face.She got up and put on her aceituna, oliva green robe.She turned around and walked toward her bathroom.As she walked toward the bathroom and stopped in the hallway.A ducha, ducha de could be heard."Who the hell is in my bathroom?" Lisa dicho in a...
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(Not a really good título for a fanfic.But it will do)
I don't know what made me starting escritura a Wameron fanfic.
I was going to write another amor triangle(bad and horrible idea!)
I also was going to do a Huddy fanfic(not so good at escritura anything with House and Cuddy in it.)
I really don't think this is good idea.

Give me your opinions on it.Be honest.

Cameron crossed her arms as she waited for Wilson."Damn it."she sighed.She saw Wilson's car pull into her driveway.Cameron walked over to his car,and got in.Wilson looked at Cameron."Can we go?"Cameron dicho in a pissed off tone.Wilson put...
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Chapter 2 – When it all comes back -

House was in his office sitting on his little sofá with is iPod in one hand and his cane in the other. The accident had made him think about the life he had been living up until that moment and it suddenly hit him.

He realized that he wasn’t living life as he should. He was a jerk, but that he already knew and it wasn’t something likely to change. He had only two friends, Wilson and Cuddy, his ducklings were always around him because he just couldn’t be with a patient alone, only God knows what he could do to them if that were to happen.

House was...
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posted by Immunity
When Remy woke up she was surrounded por complete darkness, she wouldn´t even see her own hand.
It was quiet around her, there was not a single sound, but still she knew why she had woken up.
Her stomach felt as if someone had ripped it apart and she felt really sick.
She knew that she had to go to the toilet immediately o otherwise this wouldn´t turn out well.
The siguiente thing she had to discover was, that she was completely naked. No bra, no panties, she was as nude as god had made her.
That was strange, usually she never slept naked, she wore jammies.
Wondering about that she tumbled up, whereby...
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posted by housefrk
Finally Bo's back after her two-chapter disappearance!

Chapter 4

By the time Thirteen picked her daughter up she was a nervous wreck. The last person in the world she wanted her daughter to meet was her boss, but she needed to keep her job. What she was the most concerned about was what House would tell her. Bo didn’t know about her…condition, and as far as Thirteen was concerned, she didn’t yet need to. She doubted House would see it that way.
“So,” Bo said, getting into the car. “Are tu going to take me inicial and go back to work?”
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