Hotel Transylvania Hotel Transylvania is the worst movie ever

Pitrocks14 posted on Oct 28, 2012 at 12:26AM
I can't believe I saw this shit, Mavis is ugly and she ROLLS ON FUCKING BEDS, MAN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? STOP ROLLING ON BEDS. And Adam Sandler needs to GTFO, he sounds too sick.

For all the people that like this movie must be hideous, it's an exact copy of Blood+ and I wish it was never made.

Mavis..... please, listen to this... YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hotel Transylvania... a very boring movie with a girl that has no taste

God, I should've stuck to Paranormal 4, this is an exact copy of Blood+, but with MONSTERS.

I just watched it today and I couldn't stand even a minute of it, what is up with Mavis? Why does she have to be so bold?? Anyways, stay away from this at all cost, it's too uninteresting, unattractive, and Adam Sandler is annoying in it.

I don't know why I'm writing a review for this shitty movie, I thought I'd like Mary Poppins better and I DID! That's that, Mavis is a unlikable character, bold, not feisty but completely disastrous film.

Came out in September 28th, it needs to be thrown away, I can't stand the bad voice acting, uninteresting plot and comedy that doesn't make me laugh at all.

Mark Hotel Transylvania off, and go watch Despicable Me instead, touching, but very funny.

I thought this would be as stupid as Trigun: Badlands Rumble, not similar at all, but Trigun: The Movie wasn't my cup of tea, Hotel Transylvania was really unnecessary to make.

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hace más de un año pinkarray said…
So you're going to copy that review off of IMDB?

Mavis needs to DIE, Mavis ain't listening to that, SHE'S DEAD!

I dislike Mavis too, but I don't really think she's cute, but I like it so are you going to get mad at me because I like it?

Copying off of Blood+... this is NOT A FREAKING REMAKE! I'm sure Margo, Edith, and Agnes would not have any interest in Mavis and Kaoru would probably KILL HER.

I'm so sick of you and your disasters on SmashWiI over silly things, commented many times to DM-BELMONT just to RUIN THE DAMN SHOW, you don't even watch Reese Witherspoon and you said some very weird shit about Cowboy Bebop.

First of all, Mavis is not that serious, you compared her to Mary from The Children's Hour like she creates stories about lesbians. Proclaimed many times she was gross, naughty, and mischievous, she is not determined either. You complained about a scene and that is not what the movie's about, she's a FREAKING BAT, TREAT HER LIKE ONE.

When are you going to mention one of these:

Baby Boom, Shadow the Hedgehog, Lupin III: Farewell to Nostradamus, Zelda: Ocarina of Time? HOW SIMILAR IS THIS:

"Diane Barrows, get your butt up here this instant" 'if you touch that child, I'll pop you one so help me god"

"This is all your fault" My 118th birthday party.

Mavis is turning 118 years old, this movie is about children switching to get adopted by the Butkis and play matchmaker. If you want to compare it to something about matchmaker, compare it to my Zelda fanfic I'm about to put on fanfiction, "Just You Wait".

You shouldn't be yelling at someone just because they think Mavis is adorable, you used to be a pretty nice dude before something happened to you. WAY TO GO, MAN, RUINING A CUTE FILM THAT ADAM SANDLER DID VOICE WORK ON? Don't let the bed bugs bite.
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hace más de un año pinkarray said…
I really hope you don't create a article of this, sounds like you need to watch the film again, comparing it to crap it's not similar too or it shouldn't remind you of them anyway. How about a new movie? Megamind? Instead of comparing it to all these old anime, movies int he 90s where Mary-Kate and Ashley were little kids, and other stuff.
hace más de un año pinkarray said…
Wait, the worst movie ever? WTF? I thought you gave it a 4?????
hace más de un año Okuni said…
If you think the movie is that bad, why the Hell are you even here moron!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Respect others' likes you pathetic fool.
hace más de un año mavywavy678 said…
your corect dude sorry i always say that on the internet so pepole like me