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posted by pumpkinqueen
Italy: Official name is Alice (pronounced Ah-LEE-che).

Germany: Official name is Monica, o Monika as the Germany variant.

Japan: Official name is Sakura.

America: No official o suggested names por Himaruya. In the Japanese fandom she is referred to as Emily Jones, although some English-speaking have named her Amelia.

England: Both fans and Himaruya alike refer to her character as Igiko in Japan, although that's not really her name. Her official name is Rosa. But she was dado the name Alice Kirkland in the Japanese fandom, although the English fandom sometimes calls her Elizabeth o Victoria....
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posted by hetalianstella
This may not be the best place to post it but this is something I feel the need to share and see if there's anyone else who feels the same way.

I amor Hetalia, but there's stuff in the fandom that tends to ruin the whole thing for me. So here's my lista of things that annoy me about the hetalia fandom.
Note: I do respect my fellow Hetalians and I'm sorry if this offends anyone in any way, it wasn't meant to.

1) hetalia is a COMEDY! Not a World History class! Yes at times it does teach tu some pretty interesting stuff, but it's meant to be told through an inaccurate, stereotypical, comical portrayal....
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posted by Mango21
hetalia Birthdays:

America - July 4

Australia - January 26

Austria - October 26

Belarus - August 25

Belgium - April 19

Canada - July 1

China - October 10

Cuba - May 20

Denmark - June 5

Egypt - February 28

England - April 23

Estonia - February 24

Finland - December 6

France - July 14

Germany - October 3

Greece - March 25

Hong Kong - July 1

Hungary - June 8

Iceland - June 17

Italy - March 17

Japan - February 11

Latvia - November 18

Liechtenstein - July 12

Lithuania - February 16

Monaco - January 8

Norway - May 17

Poland - July 22

Prussia - January 18

Romano/ S. Italy - March 17

Russia - December 30

Sealand - September 2

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Since I have a book on all independant countries I've managed to make a lista on countries who haven't appeared in offical hetalia media o don't have an canon diseño at all. If I've missed out any countries please mention! Also please tell me if any of the countries mentioned have appeared in offical media o have an offical diseño so I can correct the list.

*Northern Ireland
*Republic of Ireland
*These guys have been mentioned in offical media as being relatives of England, but they don't have offical designs.
Luxemborg (has been mentioned as a relative to The...
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In my right hand there's amor!
In my left hand there's a carnation!
Today, it's an abundant cosecha parade!
Towards the enchanting wold Bienvenida!
Take your hands, spin, and that's the earth.
Without forgetting asista, I'm intop form!
Roja and amarillo makes the Rojigualda
Let's all give our thanks to the sun.
Today, it's an abundant cosecha parade!
Sound your instruments, it's time to march!
If everyone at 'one-two' makes the ensemble,
The one and only song will be complete.
With the flamenco guitarra it's me Spain!
"Romano! Look carefully how cool your Boss is!"
The city of art, Barcelona Madrid...
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Honhonhon! Bonjour English man! Grow a real dick and don't fuck with Peter Pan! I'm Francis Bonnefoy and everyone loves me! tu call me a wanker, cause mine is the biggest! Fuck off with your kid brother, cause USUK surely hits it!

SHUT UP! tu DAMN FROG FACE! The fact that your on the same continent is a disgrace! All tu are is a bloody wanker, my rhymes hit hard, like Captain Hook's anchor! Your just a bloody whore, I can't stand your face no more, your such a prick! Even Sealand has más dick! I have an army of Red Coats! tu have shitty little boats! Waiting till the last...
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China padded into the guarida, den where all the other nations helped bring japón to and dropped his gifts at his paws stirring japón from his nap. "Are tu feeling better and getting stronger aru?" China meowed laying down siguiente to his brother "yes...i'm getting stronger thanks to arr of the nations support" japón meowed weakly, lifting his head up and licking China on his ear before he nestled his head into China's chest fur.
China began to purr to tey to lull his brother to sleep "by the way brother what I brought tu was a
few rare herbs that make good herbal té that can
bring strengh to you. so may...
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I saw that ROTGgirl2004 wrote something like this, so I thought I'd give it a shot. This is the story of my 'conversion' to Hetalia.

I grew up watching Veggietales. Plain and simple. Veggietales. Then I discovered the internet. At that time, I didn't have the slightest idea what a fandom was. I had never read a fanfiction in my life. Then I stumbled upon Deviantart- and the Veggietales fandom.

I was naturally excited to discover that there were other people who liked the same things I did. So I set out to see all the Veggietales fanart and read all the fanfiction I possibly could. por now your...
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Yep! I got bored so why not just bring some of my quotev stories on here?! :D So here we go!

Me: *wakes up* hola wh- what happened?
America: Dude who are you?
America: I'm America known as Alfred F. Awesome Jones
Me: Cool last name
England: Yeah there is not an awesome in his last name.... it is just Jones. Hello I'm Arthur Kirkland.
England: tu LITTLE!
*They both start fighting*
Me: Well i forgot to introduce my self dang OUCH THATS GOTTA HURT NEVERMIND I WILL INTRODUCE...
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hola guys, i take a theatre class at my school,and for an assignment, we need to write a play about our favorito! show/cartoon...so i asked if i could do one on an anime(hetalia obviously)and my teacher dicho sure...so i wanted to mostrar tu hetalians my play and see what tu thought

*romano and italy enter the stage in front of germany's house*
Romano: why are we here? I thought tu wanted to hang out with me, not that potatoe loving German.

Italy:I'm sorry fratello,its just that i promised Germany i would train with him,and i dicho i would hang out with tu as well.
*germany enters the stage through...
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posted by darkmintoutau
Smileys are por link
Please feel free to use them on your profile, blog, website, etc..



(ㅍ_ㅍ) o自


o̿ ̭ o̿

ლ(= з = )ლ ~♥



(who...?) o( 휴ç휴)o


Romano/ South Italy













Σ щ(°Д°щ)...
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posted by Neko_Chan_Kitty
(Waring: These are just how I feel about the hetalia fandom, So Please don't take this seriously! also sorry for my English, I do speak English but my English is pretty bad when I type on a keyboard..)

Now listen, there's some stuff i like in the APH fandom (Like Au's, reader inserts, ect) but I hate in the "Yaoiness" of the fandom. don't get me wrong, I respect peoples opinions on pairings o ship the characters together. if tu like yaoi, that's cool, we both like different things. in anime, movies, games, ect. but not all of us like yaoi in things. but PLEASE! don't try to shove your ships...
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Don't want to become a weaboo? I've been a fan of hetalia ever since it started, and I've seen many ups and downs of the fandom. Every two days o so a new immature fangirl/fanboy spews out immature rants, photos, o arguments concerning ships, characters, etc. If you're a new fan who DOESN'T want to turn out as the most famous weaboo in Hetalia, here's some tips from an older fan.

1. NEVER overrate a character.

First of all, overrated characters get annoying and tu will likely ruin the characters for other fans. It's okay to like one character más than others, and it's very wise to like them...
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posted by QTpie470
So, found this Hetalia, personality test somewhere I can't remember. Well let's get started!
~~~:::North Italy (Feliciano Vargas):::~~~

[] tu were bullied a lot in your childhood
[x] tu adore pasta, pizza, cheese, and fruit.
[] You're very happy-go-lucky
[] tu constantly have a dozy look on your face as if you're always away with the hadas
[x] tu have a long curly strand of hair that always tends to stick up
[] You're a good artist
[x] tu can be clumsy
[] tu have a friend tu always depend upon if tu mess up something
[x] If your life was in danger, tu would do the typical Italian...
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Apparently, he was very religious as a child (most likely due to him having been raised por the order of Teutonic Knights, a highly religious war group). This is exampled when he accidentally gropes Hungary when they were children (not having known that she was a girl during that particular point in time). However, once he discovered that he had grabbed her breasts, after Hungary had left to go fight, he is seen kneeling before an altar, begging God for forgiveness (as he believes that he has committed a sin).

Main article: America
Though there hasn't been much...
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posted by USUKfangirl
Chapter 1:Introduction
Hey.So I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t updated my other story,right. Well….before tu come at me with pitchforks and torches, let me explain. I have been having serious writer’s block and I don’t know what to do next. So go check it out,for I have publicado a notice on the last chapter. Anyway, this story takes us back in the midst of WWII in europa June 6th 1944, the día the Allies stormed the French playa of Normandy to surprise the Germans. This format will be in journal entries of Alfred, Arthur, and Matthew, the 3 countries who paricipated.It may skip...
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posted by Albina21

When I got home, I changed into night clothes and crawled into bed. Austria was already asleep, facing the opposite wall. The siguiente morning he went straight to his paino and wouldn't let anyone approach him.

I think that Italy noticed how upset I was. He did his work twice as fast as normal, and he kept doing little extra things for me, like picking flowers. It was both sweet and heartbreaking. How could he know me better than my own husband?

I kept wondering about my meeting with Prussia. Did I know? Did I know why he called me there? I couldn't think of the reason, but I realized something....
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pregunta to discuss: First one to disconnect hates God.

You: :O
Stranger: Oh, how I wish I was frying up some crabby patties.
Stranger: That's what I really want to do.
Stranger: Just take a dash-of and a sprinkle of love.
You: I wish I could paint my house wicked hipster pink.
You: And own as many ponies as I can.
Stranger: rosado, rosa is the color of Pepto-bismol and therefore the color of puke.
You: >:O
Stranger: I eat ponies.
Stranger: They taste good with jalapenos.
You: I have 7 mouths. Wow.
You: I amor milkshakes.
Stranger: Mine brings all the boys to the yard.
You: Mine is better than...
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posted by ivoryphills
Maybe I'm escritura this más out of newfound frustration, but...

Let's be frank, here, we need a rule for the fandom. There really should be a rule where preteens under thirteen o people with some sort of onset Paracosm shouldn't be on ANY fandom, let alone Hetalia, because I swear I'll blow a freaking gasket the siguiente time I hear a rape joke o someone whining and bitching that they don't like a ship. That's little kids stuff. If tu have to giggle about rape o trash others for liking a pairing o just "liking some eye candy," (as if satisfying oneself sexually through a fictional fantasía pairing is against some anime law, user-who-won't-be-named) then no fandom is for you, dear, sorry...
Original; "The Twelve Days of Chirstmas"
Video (Instrumental / No vocal); link

~~~The 12 Days of Hetalian Christmas~~~

~ On the first día of Christmas, Finland sent to me; One giant pasta-made navidad tree.

~ On the segundo día of Christmas, Finland sent to me; Two samurai swords and one giant pasta-made navidad tree.

~ On the third día of Christmas, Finland sent to me; Three baked potatoes, two samurai swords and one giant pasta-made navidad tree.

~ On the fourth día of Christmas, Finland sent to me; Four awesome beers, three baked potatoes, two samurai swords and one giant pasta-made Christmas...
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