hatsune miku Corolla!!! the offical car of Miku <3

CommanderMina posted on May 18, 2011 at 12:28AM
How awsome is it that Toyota now sponsors Miku, and that she's the offical Toyota spokes person for America.It was awsome seeing our beloved Miku driving the new Corolla in the latest comerical. Sadly it's only shown on Japanese based networks, but I bet with the succes of her 1st American cocert it'll be on every channel soon. If you want more info go to Toyota.com/corollamiku

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hace más de un año Gablogarb said…
0___0! i can't believe it when i see it!XD Corolla the official Miku car! jjajaja this gives a idea of how famous Miku are!^^ Miku reach the worlwide!^^
hace más de un año HatsuneMiku- said…
Wow i can't believe it Hatsune Miku is the Toyota commercial person that is so way past cool and i will check out Toyota.com/corollamiku